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I am not good enough

For the first 5 years of running AppSumo I was constantly worried that I was going to be a “liability” and self-sabotage everything I created. That was the same word, “liability” that I was told I was when the day I was fired by Facebook.

Surprisingly over the years as I’ve gotten more wealthy, more known and better looking. Okay, kinda joking but still in the back of my head I’ve always doubted if I was good enough.

It blows my mind receiving Instagram DMs, emails or YouTube comments people telling me how much I’ve helped them…While so many times I’ve been doubting myself.

And it goes deeper when I share this publicly and MANY of YOU also reflect how you’ve felt that way too. Maybe you realize we are all human. Yes, even Bill Gates poops sitting down, well maybe not but pretty likely!

There’s 3 reasons I’m making this for you and me:

1- Encourage you that YOU are great and actually accepting it is liberating.
2- Let you are not alone in feeling doubt.
3- Tactics to acknowledge and embrace your greatness.

🧧_Stay tuned to the end for challenge you can do today._

Here’s a few experiences maybe you can relate where I bought into the belief of not being good enough:

Growing up middle class I thought I was forever jailed to that group. My parents had normal jobs, standard 2-week vacations and all my failures led me to believe I couldn’t get out of this socio-economic group.

I told my dad I made my first million and he was, “okay Noah.” Felt empty still inside for myself. Maybe there’s something else external to accomplish that will satisfy me. Making money, even a million. Thought okay, now I’m great. Recognize me. When no amount of money can do that for your inside.

My ex-fiancé telling me You can’t bury the money with you. This is my identity. Creating business, making money, loving me for my “success” but I guess inside something was still missing for me.

Fired by Facebook, quit Mint early, Sued by Offerpal and Banned by Facebook. Thought I was always going to get so close and its taken away.

Dad had a 6-7 figure year copier business (remember those) and lost it all to drugs / drinking and mismanagement. Felt doomed to repeat his mistakes.

And the list goes on. Does this sound relatable to you? Curious where you thought you weren’t great enough either.

Ways to overcome our not good enough belief:

  1. Give self more credit.
  2. Sleep
  3. Accept more. Reduce friction
  4. Count blessing, daily. Stop saying no complaints : )
  5. Surround your weaknesses. People
  6. Follow your inspiration. Go for it.
  7. Practice self-awareness. Journal, meditate, walk.
  8. Fulfillment / enlightenment is all around you and ONLY comes from the inside. Realize that.

What does your greatness even mean?

I call everyone in our audience, the underdogs. I love this phrase. It implies to me that everyone has more potential and ability than they realize YET. My purpose is to guide them in business to reaching and maybe even surpassing what you thought possible.

What is the greatness we talk about?

I got a DM from some kid a few days ago asking how to find his passion or what his greatness is.

Doing something YOU are proud of. No external measurement needed.

One of my favorite questions at is to ask good or great.

Good or great?

Ask yourself that. What is the last great thing you did?

You MAY have to try many things out, fail many times, not be proud of what you done, and use all those learnings to FIND the thing. Accept it. Embrace it and run with it. It may feel scary, that’s the edge of holding the line of your greatness.

I believe in you.

::Greatness Challenge::: Notice everything you’ve done today that you can give yourself credit for. That’s it. Simple. You’re greater than you think!

One response to “I am not good enough”

August 3, 2020 at 3:17 pm

There’s an awesomeness to your expressing vulnerability. Go you! It’s your story telling which resonates with people and reminds one that everyone is human and loaded to the hilt with potential, it just takes belief and action

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