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Million Dollar Weekend Book

My new book is dropping January 30/2024.

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"Noah Kagan changed my life. I created a business because of him. That business went on to sell for tens of millions of dollars… Million Dollar Weekend is the real deal"
Sam Parr Sam Parr
Founder of Hampton and The Hustle, host of My First Million
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"Noah is an animal! Absolutely fearless. I've never met anyone faster at going from idea to first sale."
Tom Bilyeu Tom Bilyeu
Founder of Quest Nutrition and host of the show Impact Theory
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"Essential reading for the modern entrepreneur. If you're looking for a book that instills confidence and fun into starting a business, this is it."
Marie Forleo Marie Forleo
#1 NYTimes bestselling author, Everything is Figureoutable

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Million Dollar Weekend Book

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About The Book

Packed with battle-tested entrepreneur strategies, Million Dollar Weekend will teach you how to create your own million-dollar business in 48 hours!

Working for yourself would be the dream, but it's not like you can start a successful business in a single weekend, right?


I'm living proof you can. I've built seven businesses now worth over $1 million. And they all were started in a single weekend.

Now is the best time in history to become an entrepreneur. Million Dollar Weekend will give you the step-by-step blueprint.

Ready to launch a business that lets you quit your job and live the life of your dreams?

Unlock the secrets to …

  • Why you don't need to read another book, watch another video, or spend a single cent before making your first $1
  • How to find your Creator's Courage to overcome procrastination and have fun!
  • How to master a Customer First Approach to generate +10 easy-to-validate business ideas in 10 minutes
  • How to validate business ideas using my One Minute Business Model to ensure you pick a winner
  • How to get customers EXCITED to give you their money
  • How to find your Freedom Number to clarify your vision and make entrepreneurship risk-free
  • How to build a social media machine to scale your business to $1M and beyond
  • How I use email to make a f*&k-ton of money
  • How to automate your business to make $$$ while you sleep
  • How I make time to run an +$80M business, a YouTube channel with +1M subscribers, and a blog, while traveling, working out, and living the life of my dreams

And much, much more.

By Monday, you'll have a market-tested, profitable business and you'll be an entrepreneur on the path to seven figures.

This is not another average business book. This is a radically different approach to entrepreneurship. My approach to entrepreneurship.

Despite what some people tell you, I've learned starting a seven-figure business doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to be complicated.

In fact, creating the financial freedom you deserve can be fun!

All you need is a guide who's done it and can show you the way.

The Million Dollar Weekend Formula

I've distilled my method to start a business into a simple and straightforward formula anyone can follow.

This book works. I've seen it work. Time and time again.

Give me 48 hours and I'll turn you from a wantrepreneur into a successful entrepreneur.

Get unstuck, make more money than you ever thought possible, and create the life of your dreams.



star star star star star
"Noah Kagan changed my life. I created a business because of him. That business went on to sell for tens of millions of dollars. His writing and ideas are easy to follow and incredibly entertaining. Million Dollar Weekend is the real deal."
Sam Parr Sam Parr
Founder of Hampton and The Hustle, host of My First Million
star star star star star
"Noah is an animal! Absolutely fearless. I've never met anyone faster at going from idea to first sale."
Tom Bilyeu Tom Bilyeu
Founder of Quest Nutrition and host of the show Impact Theory
star star star star star
"Essential reading for the modern entrepreneur. If you're looking for a book that instills confidence and fun into starting a business, this is it. I LOVE how he focuses on overcoming fear, not spending any money and making it happen all in a weekend."
Marie Forleo Marie Forleo
#1 NYTimes bestselling author, Everything is Figureoutable
star star star star star
"I admire Noah. This guy has put in the hard work for many years and I've watched him stay relevant and put up wins time again. I continue to cheer for him!"
Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO of Vaynerchuk Media and Veefriends, five-time New York Times bestselling author
star star star star star
"Noah is one of the sharpest guys around when it comes to starting a business. Million Dollar Weekend is the playbook for everyone trying to do the same."
Jordan Harbinger Jordan Harbinger
Host of the podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show
star star star star star
"It's been one of the only books that excited me and kept me engaged throughout. I love the practical and flexible approach, especially for testing new ideas. A lot of people fall in love their their ideas and it can be a huge detriment long term."
Gerardo Perez (@gp_talks) Gerardo Perez (@gp_talks)
Brand Advisor and Paid Media Strategist
star star star star star
"After losing about 80% of my customers due to the 2020 global pandemic, these easy-to-consume business tactics granted me the confidence to start all over again. Only this time all of the answers are at my fingertips."
Melissa Garcia Ortiz Melissa Garcia Ortiz
Owner of Garcia Green Cleaners & Field Marketing Manager, Securiti
star star star star star
"I really appreciate the no-nonsense approach of MDW. I have a podcast that isn't as successful as I want it to be. Reading MDW, I realized that my approach was wrong. The book is a wealth of clear wisdom and actionable steps that can help any entrepreneur at any stage of their business."
Erick Cloward Erick Cloward
Startup Coach and Host of the Stoic Coffee Break Podcast
star star star star star
"Ever feel sorry for yourself? Ever have doubts? Ever worry is there's real money in all your effort? HOPE is on its way! Noah has overcome it all, and he lives to share the answer with his readers. What's the catch? You have to apply it! But here is the difference: This book SHOWS you how. Every. Step. Of. The. Journey! "
Jeff ‘SKI' Kinsey Jeff ‘SKI' Kinsey
Author, Mentor, Keynote Speaker & 24 time (and counting) Founder
star star star star star
"Noah's book is the most useful business and entertaining book I've ever read. Straight to the point, full of useful information, and with clear steps to follow while being absolutely fun to read. The book is truly astonishing."
Tobias Stalpes Tobias Stalpes
Student at the University Trier
star star star star star
"Million Dollar Weekend is your first step to freedom."
Thomas Schmidt Thomas Schmidt
Photographer, Designer, and Author
star star star star star
"I have been following Noah for +10 years. It's great to see the ideas he's been workshopping for so long come together in a way that a lot more people can use… While reading the book, I got 3 people to give me $1, generated 10 ideas, and used Noah's process to whittle them down to 2 ideas to test. I know 3 friends who I will be buying copies of the book for gifting..."
Keith Kritselis Keith Kritselis
Founder of
star star star star star
"This book has helped me connect the dots in a way I've struggled to do so far. I created a workshop for my potential audience and used Gumroad to make a pay-what-you-can sales page. In 48 hours I made $79 from 17 sales! A week later, I've sold $200 in tickets and will have 33 attendees!"
Maigen Thomas Maigen Thomas
Founder and Maven of Mentoring at the UX Social Club
star star star star star
"Million Dollar Weekend is the perfect book to turn you from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur in 48 hours. Noah literally helped me on the path to a million-dollar business."
Pat Gostek Pat Gostek
Founder of YouTube Consultancy Gostek Media
star star star star star
"Reading Million Dollar Weekend was both exciting and educational. I really enjoyed Noah's humor and simple approach to turning ideas into MVPs in 48 hours. Learn from someone who's done it multiple times."
Derek Kolstad Derek Kolstad
Founder of
star star star star star
"Reading MDW was a game-changer! Just two chapters in, I found my guide to turn my business dream into reality. I launched a Chrome Extension to help software developers from outside of the US find international jobs, and we've had an exciting initial response with over 6,000 downloads. Without a doubt, Noah's book was definitive in making this happen. "
Felipe de Araujo Felipe de Araujo
Founder of Leapfrog
star star star star star
"While reading MDW, I decided to pull an old idea out of the mothballs for a proposed album, create an ask for money with it, and just got my first $20 a little bit ago!"
Matt Brady, Matt Brady,
Founder of Simple Smart Biz
star star star star star
"Million Dollar Weekend had a profound impact on me. It pushed me past my fears to fearless action. Noah shares valuable, hard-earned lessons, helping me to successfully identify a million-dollar business idea and secure three sales within a single weekend. This book is a must-read. Stop dreaming, start doing. "
Thomas Grow Thomas Grow
Founder of Pixel Dust & DotComValet
star star star star star
"Noah's "Million Dollar Weekend" is crafted for young entrepreneurs struggling. After reading, I am ready to strip the badge of "wantrepreneur" and actually become an entrepreneur. It's a must-read for anyone getting ready to start their entrepreneurial journey. It will change their mindset forever. "
Asim Mahar Asim Mahar
Founder at Kids Build Web, Civil Engineer turned self-taught Software Developer
star star star star star
"This book is water to my creative soul. I can experiment and have fun with new ideas. I can create value-added products that help others. MDW is my path to getting unstuck and start taking bold action unafraid of minor rejection bumps in the road."
Valerie Miller Valerie Miller
educator, award-winning instructional designer, entrepreneur and eLearning coach
star star star star star
"After my Million Dollar Weekend, I feel so much more inspired to start and ask! Seeing how many friends & current customers were willing to give me feedback & talk through my ideas made me realize I haven't been using this super valuable resource."
MacKenzie Seale MacKenzie Seale
Ceo/Founder @ merry makery
star star star star star
"This book keeps my mind clear. It helps me create new ways of improving my business by validating each idea with our customers. Best of all, the book makes it super easy to understand by walking you through everything step by step. Noah is absolutely amazing, and so is the MDW book!"
Adrian Kaczmarek Adrian Kaczmarek
Founder of Flooring Gators
star star star star star
"MDW is one of those books that you wish you read years ago. It's a guide to get out of your own head, validate an idea quickly, pivot quicker, and actually earn money! Here's all of Noah's great YouTube content put into one book that shows you the right way to start a business."
Sean Melcher (@Melch__) Sean Melcher (@Melch__)
Founder & Lead Generator at CryptoLeads.Agency
star star star star star
"The book itself is fun and engaging and I feel like I'm having a conversation with Noah rather than him just bragging and overloading me with information. The examples are super engaging."
Nick Barnes
star star star star star
"I have a strong feeling this book will be fire for people once it's out."
Eamon McShane Eamon McShane
Founder of Build it Up Media - Architecting SME best position on/offline
star star star star star
"I'd pay for the first chapter let alone the book."
Jason Blake Jason Blake
Founder of Global Soccer Education
star star star star star
"My perspective towards idea validation, dealing with rejection, and deep diving to get back my lost motivation has all changed. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for guidance and a helping hand through their entrepreneurial journey."
Laurent Seale Laurent Seale
13+ years in the humanitarian sector
star star star star star
"MDW is different from all the other entrepreneurship books because it is 100% about taking action. Even as an entrepreneur, I've realized I could be taking MORE action, I could be asking for MORE help. Four hours into my MDW, I got 3 sales already. I think more will come tomorrow morning! "
Garik Himebaugh Garik Himebaugh
Founder of Eco-Stylist
star star star star star
"Written in a fun and easy-to-understand way, Noah's book is excellent at making you take action and validating your million-dollar idea in a weekend. The framework in the book is simple but brilliant. I can see why it has brought Noah success. Most importantly, I truly believe it can do the same for me. I fully expect the book to change lives."
Petru Gaspar Petru Gaspar
Co-founder at Tei Software Studios
star star star star star
"Through reading Million Dollar Weekend, I was able to finally start. I've been dreaming, thinking, and WAITING to start writing online for over a decade. But with concepts like the Magic of NOW, I overcame my fear. This book will change lives!"
Gustavo Tiffer Gustavo Tiffer
Co-Founder of National Park Newbies
star star star star star
"Million Dollar Weekend saves you years of trial and error by teaching you step by step how to come up with business ideas and how to validate them. The book not only helped me launch a business but also how to stop fearing rejection."
Laurentiu Nicolae Laurentiu Nicolae
Founder at FlyingAssist
star star star star star
"In Million Dollar Weekend, Noah lays down a surprisingly simple roadmap to launching a 7-figure business before Monday blues hit you. With clear actions, practical guides, and a no-nonsense approach, this book is your golden ticket from couch surfing to cash surfing."
David Paluy David Paluy
Growth-Focused Entrepreneur with Engineering Expertise
star star star star star
"Noah's customer first approach to building a company is an absolute gift from the entrepreneur. Gods. This is one of those books that people will spend the next 100 years raving about how it helped make them tons of money."
Ahmarr Melton Ahmarr Melton
Founder of Out Of The Ashes, LLC
star star star star star
"Finally someone gives you a practical roadmap for starting your business. If you have the entrepreneur bug even just a little Noah has a plan for you in this book."
Justin Kavanaugh Justin Kavanaugh
Olympic Coach and CEO of Sites at Scale
star star star star star
"In his no-BS style, Noah rips up the rulebook and shows you how to get started in 48 hours. Kill procrastination, read this book!"
Doug Dennison Doug Dennison
Founder of MailNinja
star star star star star
"MDW will help entrepreneurs and business owners to grow & scale their business… Noah's ability to break down a simplify a marketing strategy is incredible. If you follow this book, you will grow!"
Maximillian Bogacz Maximillian Bogacz
Business Development rep at RXO
star star star star star
"Reading this book will unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and shape your business destiny."
Eric Kottke Eric Kottke
High Performance Coach and Investment Strategist
star star star star star
"I was lost in the sea of options and not taking action. The Million Dollar Weekend is THE EXACT guide I needed to start small today and build momentum."
Shaggy Eells Shaggy Eells
Freelance Copywriter and Events host
star star star star star
"Reading Noah's book was like having a heart-to-heart conversation with a wise friend who not only offered valuable business insights but also shared invaluable life advice. Noah's refreshing blend of practical wisdom and genuine warmth will leave you inspired and equipped for success, both in your career and in life. They say you gotta learn from the best... and I can assure you, he's one of the best"
Bruno Bermúdez Bruno Bermúdez
CMO at Grupo BORES, Mx
star star star star star
"Noah has crammed 7 books worth of info into Million Dollar Weekend. He's buttered up the path for us all to be entrepreneurs, we just need to slide During my MDW, I made £150-£200 revenue from the first mailing list email, I have the mailing list up and running and I've brainstormed further business ideas."
Casey Murray Casey Murray
Guitar Tech
star star star star star
"Learn from Noah. Noah's endlessly (and humbly) provides business wisdom from the trenches and from his successful venture experience. The way he passionately conveys (and relates) his insights is second-to-none. Enjoy the journey. "
Mathew Kulkewycz Mathew Kulkewycz
Founder of Build with K
star star star star star
"In a world full of fake gurus, Noah brings a level of authenticity and realness to the table that is uncommon. Especially in the world of online business. It wasn't boring like a lot of business books. This book will definitely not be a waste of your time. "
Taj Rice Taj Rice
World Traveler by sailboat for nearly a decade, Artist and Entrepreneur
star star star star star
"Noah's words of wisdom have always inspired me and will help you from his amazing insights. This book can change your life for the better!"
Michael Fedyk Michael Fedyk
Artistic Entrepreneur & Founder of
star star star star star
"Noah's book doesn't contain information; it's a pure source of education."
Olivier Mary Olivier Mary
Founder at Brichnaud Video Marketing Agency
star star star star star
"Noah should be called No Joke Noah. His advice is simple: Do more of what works. The Law of 100 is legit. Anyone who wants to improve their ability to produce quality work should read this book, whether you are a business owner or not."
Michael Osburn Michael Osburn
Founder of Aristos Global
star star star star star
"An easy yet super motivational read. Million Dollar Weekend shares practical steps to entrepreneurship that no other book does."
Ryan Salvanera Ryan Salvanera
Head Coach at
star star star star star
"There's a lot of fluff out there that spews impractical "business advice". But Noah is the real deal and shares only what works. He's true to his word in helping entrepreneurs succeed."
Yarty Kim Yarty Kim
Founder of Growthier
star star star star star
"Deeply inspiring book which has freed me from the confines of a 9 to 5!"
Lee Taylor Lee Taylor
Computer Science Graduate
star star star star star
"I've been a huge fan of Noah's work for the past decade because his insights on business, marketing and LIFE have been incredibly valuable to me. Million Dollar Weekend combines many of the lessons I've learned from him in a fun and ACTIONABLE book. This is a must-read for the aspiring entrepreneur."
Mason Hutchison Mason Hutchison
Founder of HerbRally
star star star star star
"MDW will cast light on your doubts and excuses. Noah's non-fluffy tactical approach is THE best way to get you moving. If you want to stop living in fear, read this book!"
James Wilson James Wilson
Founder of James Wilson Consulting, LLC
star star star star star
"Million Dollar Weekend is the perfect combination of emotional inspiration and tactical do-this-now advice — to make sure you start running faster toward your goals than fear can keep up."
Tim Leake Tim Leake
Founder at Let's Lightbulb
star star star star star
"This book was the Chemo I needed to kill my wantrepreneurship. "You need to create a painkiller vs. a vitamin" made me rethink everything. This book is NOT like the hundred others you've read it's an actionable roadmap."
Wayne Trout Wayne Trout
30 year business professional and entrepreneur
star star star star star
"Million Dollar Weekend is a masterclass in the alchemy of success—where grit, wit, and the relentless pursuit of dreams ignite a firestorm of inspiration. It's not just a book; it's the blueprint of a maverick."
Gene Ramos Gene Ramos
Founder 10X Convert a SaaS Agency
Million Dollar Weekend Book

The Lost Chapter

Million Dollar Weekend Book

It reveals the four simple secrets I've used to grow 7 separate companies that generated more than $1,000,000 per year each.

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