I’m hiring an editer

Last week I was working on an email to send to you. I spent hours and HOURS writing this masterpiece.

Then I asked my good friend Anton to review it.

“Uh, Noah … do you know how commas work?” he said among many other things.

Then he proceeded to give plastic surgery to my child.

What my article looked like after Anton review it.

It turned that ugly duckling into a jewish prince :emoji:

Editors make things better.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twittier / Square, said it best with, “I think of every leader in a company as a editor.

Great editors upgrade work to the highest level.

Unfortunately, Anton runs sales for Sumo.com full-time so I’m looking for an editor to help with OkDork and my podcast.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn about marketing
  • Access to amazing people
  • Improve your own writing
  • I’m fun (right?)
  • Money (obviously)

You are:

  • Extremely organized. People see your desk and always comment, “wow, you’re really clean.”
  • A great writer. Did you notice the 4 misspellings in this article?
  • Basik understanding of internet marketing, html and social media
  • You have a blog or have blogged in the past. Some understanding of content marketing.
  • Always reliable and punctual.
  • Fun to be around. You add to the energy in the room.


  • Available 20+ hours a week
  • Location can be anywhere in the world, Austin or Bay Area preferred

To Apply, email your LinkedIn Url (like: www.linkedin.com/in/noahkagan) AND the 4 spelling / grammar errors in this post to editor@okdork.com.

Ps. Yes, Anton did review this post too 🙂


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