Internal Guest Post Process

1. Pick Theme & Topic [Noah/Tyler]

2. Email Guest Author with request [Noah]

Noah requests/makes intro to Tyler

Include samples of effective past guest posts (Example 1 and Example 2)

Suggest general focus and request specific title

Suggest deadline

3. Confirm deadline, title, goal, and CTA. [Tyler]

Decide on Goal (Readers will be able to do X after reading)

Define CTA

4. Writing Process [Tyler/Guest]

Tyler creates, titles, shares Google Document with Guest/Noah

Send Guiding Questions to guest author

Guest writes post with occasional check-ins from Tyler/Noah

5. Review Post on Deadline Day [Noah]

Noah/Tyler review guiding questions together

Noah and Guest review the post

Guest makes changes and sends to Tyler

6. Upload and Build [Guest]

Set-up WordPress Login for Guest [Tyler]

Set as Collaborator & Email Login Information

Create Post and set guest as author

7. Thorough Review [Tyler]

Tyler checks for grammar/edits and links

Review Guiding Questions with guest

Tyler delivers final feedback to guest

8. Review Email Version [Tyler]

Check links

Upload to Litmus

Are images hosted on OkDork?

9. Launch

Okdork Broadcast sent 8am

Guest mentions on social media

Email/Tweet people//companies mentioned in post

10. Post-Launch

Guest responds to comments personally

Guest sends broadcast to his own list


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