LinkedIn Bonus

This bonus content was created by Paul Shapiro.


Below are some other tips on how to be successful when publishing on LinkedIn…

If you navigate to LinkedIn there is a box that tells you “Top Influencer Post Searches” with valuable keyword data. It also gives you a short list of “Most Searched Influencers”.


You can use this information to your advantage!

You can also see what content is written about a certain keyword (and assess success) with a search.

For example here’s us searching about marketing.




You can just search from and select “Posts”


You can navigate to each post category (LinkedIn calls them channels) and see the top performing posts for that category to see what works.

For example, this is what shows in the “Top” channel:


People who liked a post are visible at the end of it.


Instead of wasting inMails to conduct outreach to these people, click on each of them.

They will see that you viewed their LinkedIn profile and maybe click through to yours, where they may see your recent LinkedIn publisher post (which hypothetically will resonate with them).

You’d be amazed with how effective these micro-interactions can be.

You can also do similar outreach on other social networks. See who Tweeted a similar LinkedIn post and let them know about yours. Or, go ahead and use Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique.

Drop your post into relevant LinkedIn groups to expand your reach on LinkedIn.


My last bit of advice in this section…

When writing a LinkedIn Publishing post, you should also consider the size of the audience for each category:


A relevant audience is best, but size DOES matter!

Bonus Data: Language Usage

Here are some of the words included in the headlines of 3,000 analyzed posts:

Top Adjectives

Top Nouns

Top Verbs

Top Adverbs

Top Bigrams

Top Trigrams

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