Okdork Public : Free Traffic for You

“If no one reads your post, does it exist?” – Seth Godin

This is very true for the internet world. I want to fix that for you. Okdork public allows anyone to submit articles/links/posts/anything at any point of the day and get traffic. WOW:O Too good to be true.

How does it work? Submit one post, I approve you and then your posts automatically go to the homepage whenever you submit.

Rules for applying:
1- Please link to Okdork on your site/blog.
2- Smile

Benefits to you:
1- More traffic
2- More interesting material to read during your day
3- Fun

Frequently Questioned Questions:
1- You can post any link but I prefer links to interesting articles related to marketing, community, relationships, business musings or other fun things.
2- Should I resubmit a full post from my own blog? No. That is boring. Submit a snippet or link to your post.
3- Can I post an original full article? Yes. If you do not have your own blog and want to get something out there. This is a great vehicle.
4- You can post as much as you’d like. Think of it as all-you-can-post buffet.
5- These posts are not included in the main RSS feed.
6- See all current posts on my blog
7- I reserve the right to remove your posts if they are really boring, uninteresting or if they make fun of burritos.

Why are you doing this Noah? I am tired of reading my own writing. I want to wake up in the morning and see new posts, articles, links, content, etc… from people I like and trust. Think of this as the new Digg minus the 17 year old computer hackers;)

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