How to Sell Anything

I am here with Adam Gilbert ( we’re on our bicycles and Adam is struggling with the copy and making sales on his website. I was talking to Adam about it and there are a few very fascinating things.

Adam speaks “French” to his customers and they speak “Italian”, so he’s having a really hard time selling to them or getting them to buy because, think about this, “How many people out there want to be healthy?” Everyone! You, me, the guns, my bro here, Zorro, his wife, everyone wants to be healthy. So why doesn’t everyone buy Adam’s thing?

He is not speaking the right language because no one says, “I want to be healthy and fit.” Instead they say, “I want to be hot, I want to have energy”.

I want to look in the mirror and be like DAMN!, I’d have sex with me, right? That’s what they want, so it’s not about how Adam makes you accountable, it’s not about how Adam is going to bug you everyday and all of that, it’s all about I’m going to help them get the results to look good, so how do you actually do that and listen to your customers, that’s how my teacher used to speak their language.

There are three things, LISTEN, RELATE, TRANSITION.


Tell me about your health, how is it going?

“It’s good, it’s good, it’s good, blah blah, who cares?”

Where would you like to be? In terms of your body, what do you want to be? What would make you feel good about your body?

“Well, you know, I’m trying to do this, I want to look sexy.”

They’re talking and you’re just listening, that’s all you’re doing, you’re relating to them and you listen.


Then, so you have listen, now you relate.

I can definitely understand what you are saying. It sounds like you want to look good, so you tried diets right?

“Yes, I’ve been trying diets.”

What have you tried? Atkins?

“Yeah, I’ve been trying Atkins”

So tell me about Atkins. What are you trying to do with Atkins?

And that’s what they want, what you’re trying to do with Atkins is the actual thing they want. It’s like women, you think you know what they want and then you have no idea, that’s how I feel. So then you listen and now you have related, you tried Atkins, now you’re going to transition to your sale.


Transition to sale is “Why didn’t Atkins work?” It didn’t work because of x, x could be any number of reasons, I don’t know what the x is. It could be because they don’t have a partner, because they don’t have a good diet plans, because they don’t know how to exercise, because they suck at work, because aliens abducted them and puts Krispy Kreme doughnuts up their ass everyday, I don’t know the answer. That’s what they’re saying though.

Now that you have transitioned. You’ve listened to them, you related to them and you transitioned to be that one if you can solve it. If you can’t solve it don’t sell them, that’s evil, do not do that but you transitioned. You go to your home field advantage.

Go to your home field advantage and you say, “Hey, I know it’s tough because you don’t have X” which is what you have listened to and you have related, now you have transitioned to say “I can help you solve X”.

Now do you see what I’m saying, do you understand that? So you can solve their X and then you close it with “Is there any other reason why you wouldn’t do this today because I can solve your X which is what you want?” and that is where you really close it. If they say its money, if they say “It’s actually money”, alright let’s solve money, is there anything else? “No”. and so the key thing is if we can’t solve them then don’t sell it because that’s not the right way to do it.

But if you can listen to them, you related and then you transitioned AND you can solve what they really want, that is how MyBodyTutor is going to help you look sexy.

Adam lives it, but he sucks at explaining it, so I hope you can go speak the language of your customers. And Adam, I’m going to work with him and hopefully on his website, And he’ll do it as well.

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