Option: Smironiff Ice someone
Premise: Everyone must turn off phones and pile them up during shabbat.

Your name and album you chose for someone else.
The reasoning of Shabbat
Candles – done by a female. think of everyone in your family alive and dead. Use your hands to bring in light.
Bread- youngest person breaks and passes it around.
Wine – oldest to youngest.
High light of week. Dilly dilly ahead
Kvetch timeI have complaint. Oy vey. Explain it.
Thought of the week – discussion – making new friends
* How do you take time out to recharge and appreciate? We are all busy and filled w things. Thinking of Ly and how so much going on every weekend. Easy to forget things.
* Financial questions or advice
WHo’s single? Describe what you want. If you see something. Say something.
Moment of silence. Persons name. Timer 30 seconds.
Bless another person around the table. Then chaims. Thank you. Blessed. 3-2-1. Blessed.
Die die yanu
Optional: Lift someone on a chair Nearest bday.
optional: hug each other.


Hit up when I am in LA.

To invite:
Los Angeles
nate yu
jingping ji
henry chung
greg clayman
jeremy cohen (tortuga)
Andrea Ly’s friend nurse
reed + joe clements
drew culross
Evan Loomis
Lisa Besserman
Charles Cohen
Josh Baer
brandon wells

Hello all my favorite friends.

Looking forward to hosting you tomorrow at Shabbat.

Whether it is your first or your 100th I promise it’ll be fun and unique!

Please arrive around 7pm, not LA time of 8pm 🙂

Feel free to bring wine or dessert, we’ll cover everything else.

Dress in whatever you’d like.

Our address is 4141 Glencoe Ave Apt 203 Marina Del Rey, Ca — Door code 14141

Please call / text me with any questions: 510 866 6624


* What power of another person would you take

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