Week 10

Week 10: Get Better at Story Telling & Writing

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Everything you do in life is based on words.

And if your business is online, it means that your words have to be doubly effective because you don’t talk to your customers in person. The copy on your page and marketing is insanely important.

What language do your customers use?

What questions are they thinking as they browse your website?

What’ll convince them to make a purchase?

By now you already know who your customers are and where they spend their time. Now it’s time to write copy that converts.

Obviously, I can’t tell the exact words to use for your particular situation, but I want to show you an example of making your writing stand out and be effective.

First, let’s look at the average Craigslist ad:

Now let’s compare that to this Craigslist ad that I wrote last year.

So what’s the difference?

It’s easier to write the first one. Everyone else is writing like that.

The second one sold the car within the hour. It’s for a crappy ass Hyundai Elantra.

You have to find ways to make your copy Standout, Tell-A-Story and Convert.

How do you do get better at writing them words? 🙂

A) Read good writing. Here are the FREE resources that significantly helped me:

  • The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert (To find the letters scroll down and click on “Click Here to View Our Newsletter Archive”. Once there keep scrolling down and you’ll start to see a bunch of the letters below.)
  • My good friend Neville’s insane yet effective writing at Nevblog.com
  • Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

B) Get an editor. Tyler (OkDork) and Anton (AppSumo) edit every single piece of writing I do.

C) Practice. Write and write more. Take an article and then write it from a different angle. Or find a great ad and copy it by hand. What makes it stand out, how is it personal, what story does it tell?

Activity Week 10: Write Your Own Craigslist Ad

1) Anton at AppSumo has a car that barely runs and has 300,000 miles, flat tire, NO AC and the brakes don’t work.

2) Write up an ad that Stands Out, Tells-A-Story and Converts. Leave it as a comment.

3) The three best ads will get a $50 gift card to AppSumo.



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