Week 11

Week 11: Use Live Chat to Build Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

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When AppSumo launched in March 2010, I personally emailed every single person who subscribed and thanked them.

Then I added live chat so whenever someone was on our site I could personally reach out to them.

That’s how I met Ruben Gamez from BidSketch.com.

He’s a solopreneur from the west coast who went from $1k / month with his business to now significant 5 figures.

It only took him 4 years and he was one of the first AppSumo customers ever.

We had many dates on SnapEngage.com (live chat software) and have subsequently become close friends.

He’s given invaluable feedback and introductions to new partners. Ruben has been a loyal advocate of our brand…and it all started from a live chat.

Live chat is one of the most powerful and underutilized tools of marketing.

There are 4 major reasons why Live Chat is invaluable and you all should install it immediately:

  1. You learn the questions people are asking on your site that you aren’t answering.
  2. You get to know the words that people use to talk about your product. You can then add that language back on your site copy.
  3. You get a chance to sell to customers in real-time. When is a better time than in the moment?
  4. You get to build deeper relationships with your customers.

In some instances it makes sense to hire a full time person to do live-chat all day.

Let me show you the math of how live chat is a no brainer:

  • 8 hours of a support person at $20 / hour: $160
  • Your product costs: $300
  • Support talks to 4 people an hour and if they only do 1 sale a day (1/ 32 people).

That’s $140 extra profit a day, $4,200 more profit a month or $50,400 a year just from talking to your customers.

Online has a potential disadvantage because we don’t get to talk and listen to our customers in real-time (the way a physical store does).

This is your weapon against that. Use it wisely.

Activity Week 11

1) Vist SnapEngage, Olark, or LiveChat and chat with their team to get a feel for the tool/experience.

2) Choose one and set up a free trial.

3) Install the plugin/code/etc and/or install their plugin. (Here’s a link to install SnapEngage on WordPress)

4) Make yourself available on chat for 3 hours every day this week. Engage with any customers or visitors that want to chat!


Noah & Tyler

P.S. Chat is also a great way to easily get more feedback from customers about Who they are and Where they spend their time.

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