Week 12

Week 12: The Power of Referrals

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How has your Summer of Marketing been?

Mine’s been good. Lots of tacos.

Today, I want to teach you one final lesson–one of the most important lessons to grow your business and double your customers.

Before I do that, let’s look at what you’ve been learning and, hopefully, doing in the past 11 weeks.

Let’s recap each week:

1) Set Your Objective – Set a single goal and work backwards using quant based marketing

2) Define Your Target Customer – Figured out who your customer is and where they spend their time

3) Email Collection – Setup email collection so you can talk with your customers

4) Deliver Amazing Bonuses – Develop amazing free bonus content to attract more emails and customers

5) Write the World’s Best Guest Post – Write a guest post on a site that has your target customer.

6) Get Vocal in your Community – Contribute to the communities and places where your target customer is spending time.

7) Use your Unused Assets – Everyone has assets that they consider boring, but are crazy valuable.

8) Set up Retargeting – Follow your customers and keep their interest after they’ve left your website.

9) Launch a giveaway – Grow your business by giving away products and freebies that your target customer is interested in.

10) Get better at story telling and writing – For most online businesses words are all you have, perfect them.

11) Set up live chat – Engage your customers directly and take note of the questions they ask and the words they use.

This week’s lesson is all about referrals.

Yes, you’ve heard it before, but you’re likely not using it as effectively as possible.

Who do you think the best salespeople in ANY organization are?

Your existing customers. It’s not your overpriced, whining and dining sales executives. It’s the customers they are serving.

Why are your best customers perfect for “marketing” your business?

  • They spend time with like minded people (with similar challenges)
  • They know exactly what services they need
  • They provide a level of credibility that you (or “sales”) can never offer

After doing 30 million in sales here are the 4 key things I’ve learned to executing a successful referral strategy:

1- Be specific about who you want them to refer you to. Don’t generalize and ask for a referral. Ask for a specific customer, ideally even look through the person’s LinkedIn connections and tell them the customer to introduce you to.

2- Make a template for them to easily send. We taught you this in the Samuel Jackson Technique. When you email or ask for a referral, give them a template they can just forward to a specific customer. Less work = more likely they’ll take action.

3- Thank the referrer. Two weeks after you talk to the referral be sure to thank them in person or in writing. I can’t tell you the number of times a thank you reminds your referrer to send you another person and they feel appreciated for their introduction.

4- Automate the process. Make sure to make it automatic to ask people for referrals within your business vs having to remember when you are working with customers. Maybe it’s 2 weeks after they’ve used your service or when they’ve hit a specific milestone.

Today, I want you to do 2 things:

#1: Write or call a new/happy customer and ask them to connect you to a new customer.

You can use this template (click
to send an email

I hope you’re doing amazing!

It is truly amazing what [[something specific about what you have accomplished]], and we’re only just getting started!

I am trying to help more people and wanted to get your advice/help to do that.

Which 1 person do you know would benefit most from [[my product/service/consulting]]?

I would love to help them even as we continue to work together.

Would it be possible to get a quick email introduction to that person? I prewrote an email below to make it easier.

Thanks for the support!
[[your name]]

[Pre-written email – use http://mlto.tk]

Go to your calendar now and schedule 15 minutes every week to reach out to 1 customer. I PROMISE you have not tapped out your network for referrals yet.

#2: Can you refer 1 person who runs an online site to join Summer of Marketing for Free?

See what I did there? 🙂

Click here to send an email
and refer that friend.

Not a fan of email? Click here to tweet.

We want to help as many people as possible to grow their businesses. Help stop shitty marketing!

That’s it. Have a great rest of the year 🙂

Noah & Tyler

P.S. If your marketing has improved this summer, leave a note here and tell us more about your success.

P.P.S. If you’d prefer, you can share your story as a comment on OkDork here.

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