Sumo across America

I am going to bike Across America in support of Computers for kids. Every $300 goes toward buying an elementary school children in need a laptop. My dream is for everyone to have the chance to be a part of the future regardless of their economic status.

I’d love for anyone to join me on sections who’s interested. Email

Days: May 15 to June 15th.


Here’s my planned route so far.

Friends joining me:

  • Andrew Warner
  • Anton Sepetov
  • Bar Bruhis
  • Mitchell Cohen
  • Johnny Lam


  • Bike: Trek Checkpoint SL7
  • Wahoo mini elment bolt computer
  • Club Ride Apparel Shorts and hawaiian shirt



  • LMNT
  • Club Ride Apparel
  • Vieja Negra
  • Trek

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