Week 1 – FAQ

Let me go ahead and answer a few questions I KNOW you’ll have right after you open the QBM spreadsheet or Download it as an Excel Sheet.

Question #1: How did you figure out the numbers? What data did you use?
Answer: Most of the numbers are assumptions. Some numbers are based on data, but the Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion % are educated guesses. Later as you start to get results you will tweak your assumptions and start to fill in hard numbers for your results. Each week, we’ll encourage you to go back to your QBM spreadsheet and update it.

Question #2: If the numbers are assumptions, what is the point?
Answer: The point is writing out all of the different sources of traffic you could potentially get and using the assumptions to figure out if you will hit, be close, or miss your target and goal. (By the way, this still works even if you have a non-internet based business.)

Question #3: What if I don’t have an internet-based business? What should I do about “traffic,” “CTR,” and “Conversion %”?
Answer: Yawn. You and your excuses. The whole point is not to be exact. It’s to help you prioritize all the different marketing options you have available. Use your best judgment and once you actually do those activities in the future you can update the numbers.

Question #4 Do I have to do all the marketing things I list out?

Answer: No, but you should still list out as many ideas as possible.

As well, once you see activities that are working for you we’ll encourage you to do more of those and less of other ones. It’s more to have an idea of what you think will work then experiment and find out what really works.

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