Week 3

Week 3: Growing Your Email Subscribers

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We had an old course, How to make a $1,000 a month Business (no longer available).

About 1.355% buy the course when they visit the landing page.

Which means that 98.645% leave our website without doing anything. Ouch!

Amnesia marketing is when marketers have to start from the bottom every time they promote a product. Typically caused by a lack of email subscribers and a guaranteed way to reach their audience. This is not a Drake song!

Instead, to avoid amnesia marketing, get your audience’s email addresses.
Then you can contact them about the latest happenings in your business or your new product. No starting from the bottom.

On that same landing page, we added an email pop-up and asked if we could help answer any questions. 15% of visitors left their email address and we were able to reach out to every one.

Here’s the email pop-up we used:

We PERSONALLY email every single person with this:

Here are the results from the first month we did it:
420 sent
122 open
36 replied
20 joined
4.7% joined

That’s for a $300 product * 20 = $6,000 extra dollars each month = $72,000 more buckaroos a year.

All from getting emails.
Fact: If people like you, they want to hear from you!

This week we are setting up your email collecting infrastructure. So that in the upcoming weeks as you are getting more traffic, you have the right tools in place.

Many of you cited a goal of growing your email lists as part of Summer of Marketing. This is especially for you.

Activity Week 3

1) If you aren’t asking for emails, go sign up for Aweber (what I use) or MailChimp (first 2k email subscribers are totally free).

2) Install the List Builder by Sumo.com (100% free)

3) Make your homepage default to asking for emails, clearly. Here’s a free WordPress plugin to do that.

* Once you’ve completed 1 through 3 *

A) Leave a comment with the total number of email subscribers you’re at right NOW.

B) Then by Friday at 5pm CST, reply to your original comment with your new total of subscribers.

C) One commenter will be featured in next week’s email

Noah & Tyler

P.S. Congrats to Raleigh W. of Jumpshell for leaving our favorite comment last week.

He gets 10,000 points for being ultra-specific about WHAT his customers’ problem is, WHO they are, and WHERE they are.

Check out Jumpshell here and if you’re looking for a new apartment in Boston, you’re welcome 🙂

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