Week 4

Week 4: Creating An Insanely Great Free Product

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The #1 request/goal so far in Summer Of Marketing is to get 1,000 email subscribers.

So let me just help you get there this instant, add these emails to your email list:





Pop the champagne! Now you are internet rich and your passive income will start flowing in.

“Noah you are so silly,” I know you are thinking…

But I thought you wanted emails!

Oh. Quality emails. Got it. Yea, that’s different.

You can get emails doing many things but it’s your relationship with your readers that will set yourself apart.

At AppSumo the #3 way we’ve grown our email list quickly is through high quality FREE products.

Then we told our readers about it.

And they shared it, which subsequently got us…

4,520 new email subscribers and $60,738.71 in revenue from those people.

Insanely great content for free, for the win! #FTW

When you create great content, it begins to build a chain of value from you to your customer.

That chain grows as you send them more valuable content (free or paid) in the future.

(My favorite way to truly understand this is thinking about homeless people vs your mom. If your mom asked for $1 you are 100,000x more likely to give it to her than a random stranger.)

Relationships = trust = increased willingness to buy from you

Week 4 Activity: Creating something free that’s INSANELY Great

a) Make a list of the top 10 tools for your industry that you already love

b) Write up thorough reviews of WHY you love them and HOW to use them.

c) Save it as a PDF.

d) Give it away to your email list and on your site in exchange for an email address.

Submit a link and a short description to your PDF as a comment on Week 4. We’ll choose the one with the best content & best design with an offer to all of Summer of Marketing to get it for free.

(You can use ListBuilder by SumoMe that you set up last week. Just change the copy and the success/thank-you page to the PDF.)


Noah & Tyler

P.S. Rafael installed SumoMe 2 weeks ago (got ahead a bit) and gained 554 new email subscribers.

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