Week 5

Week 5: Using Guest Posts to Reach Your Target Audience

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For the past 18 months I’ve been working out regularly.

I look up routines and customize them, work my ass off (video) in the gym and even had a trainer.

But it was all over the place.

I was always trying to figure out what to do next—wasting valuable time and effort.

Something had to change….

6 weeks ago I started a workout program called Candito (100% free).

I entered my max weights for 3 exercises and then Jonnie Candito, the creator, told me exactly what to do for the next 6 weeks.

No thinking allowed. Just go and do what he says and guess what… the results speak for themselves.

Sometimes results aren’t immediate so you have to be consistent and trust in the program.

Today, I look and feel more muscular than ever. Gimme dat PROTEIN!

* * *

So for the next 5 weeks even if you have already tried it, just do what I say and report back the results.

Trust the system.

Even when things don’t work, it’s the chance to learn why so you can improve.

So far you have:

1) Set a singular goal

2) Figured out who your customer is

3) Setup email collection so you can talk with your customers

4) Developed a free giveaway to attract more emails and customers

From now on you’ll focus on WHERE your customers are.

Imagine this: If you had an apartment for rent. Where’s the first place you’d think to list it?

I bet 92% of you thought of Craigslist.

It’s where renters go to find a place to live in.

And wouldn’t you post it on your local Craiglist? No reason to post on Berlin’s Craiglist if you’re living in Austin, TX.

* * *

Now let’s do the same for your own business.

Close your eyes and imagine completely taking over 3 SMALL blogs (only sites with < 25k uniques a month). You are a pirate and get 100% access to their audience. Which 3 sites would you take over? Now the fun begins 🙂 Activity Week 5: Guest Posting

A) Leave a comment listing the 3 SMALL sites you’d love to guest post on!

B) Search their websites on BuzzSumo.com

How to exactly do it:

C) Use the template below to send an email to those 3 people:


Subject: Hey {site owners first name}


Really enjoyed your post about {title of article you like on their site}.

That article taught me {personal benefit about that article}.

I’ve noticed your most popular articles are

1- {#1 you found from BuzzSumo}

2- {#2 you found from BuzzSumo}

Anyway, I wrote a post about {pick topic related to #1 and #2}

Love to send it for you to review and exclusively post it on your site if you deem it worthy enough.


Rock on,

{Your first name}

D) If they want the post, go write a REALLY great post. The guest post for them should be better than what you post for your own site.

IF they say no, ask them, “Thanks {first name}, I still love your stuff and if you don’t mind can you let me know what type of guest post you would promote? – Be super, {your first name}”

E) Include a BYLINE in your guest post, feel free to copy my format:

Noah Kagan is the Chief Sumo at AppSumo.com, the free newsletter for entrepreneurs. Get his free marketing newsletter at Okdork.com where he shows how AppSumo grew to 700,000 subscribers in 18 months.

Leave a comment with the 3 sites you want to guest post on!

Who knows, someone here MAY be able to refer you directly to that site.

Noah & Tyler

P.S. There were some “insanely great free products” in Week 4’s assignment. Davesh K. made an incredible PDF about Conversion Rate Optimization.

He even made a landing page just for Summer of Marketing. Get his 10 tools here.

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