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How to Earn More Money: By Asking

In 2013 I was graciously invited to speak in Australia.

They offered to cover flights and hotels.

I generally don’t ask for speakers fees cause I love sharing my stories and working with people. And I have and know how to organize conferences so I know there are always more costs than expected.

…But traveling costs me time, money and I like being at home with my tacos.

Because of the coffee challenge, it encouraged me at the end of the conversation, to ask, “What kind of speaker’s fee can you include?”

She mentioned, “Uh….I’ll have to ask my team about that.”

Noah: “That’s cool. It would mean a lot if you can ask.”

That whole extra sentence took me an extra 20 seconds.

(Pro-tip: Whenever you ask for something, don’t say shit afterwards.)

She came back the next morning with this:


If you don’t know AUD to USD is like 100:1. #kidding

Cool. That’ll cover my costs in Australia (Aug 1st).

If you look at just the 30 seconds of me asking for the speakers fee, that’s about:

$7,200,000 / hourly rate I’d be paid!!!!

In our old How to Make Your First Dollar course the #1 break-through students have is when they go through Failure Olympics and have to ask for things.

When you’re starting a business or doing marketing you are asking people to use your service or product.

After creating the course myself I’ve noticed I’m way more open minded to asking for things I want.

Think about this in your day-to-day life….

1- Can you ask for a free side-salad (ha!) at the restaurant?

2- Can you ask a customer why they aren’t working with you? Then solve that.

3- What about asking that girl out who you always see in the cafe?

YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU CAN GET unless you ASK. This is true for a lot of things including how to get more subscribers.

What’s the worst you can get?

NOTHING. Exactly.

So the upside is super fucking high, the downside is only 0.

You do the math.

People are always looking for ways to make money fast, but they rarely ASK for more money in the current situation.

Just try to explore what you really want and ask for it. You’ll be surprised what you get…


A few weeks ago I asked Satchel-Paige ( for a free bag (worth $250+) to give to one of you.

Guess what? They said cool. Giggity.

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230 responses to “How to Earn More Money: By Asking”

May 19, 2023 at 1:04 am

Fantastic! I’ll have to practice asking boldly.

Yash Gupta
January 1, 2023 at 9:37 pm


Penelope Pendragon, the WiSHing Faery
September 1, 2017 at 12:17 pm

Today I’m going to ask Marcus Limonis (CEO of Camping World and Good Sam) for a new(er) “Dragon” (RV) to pull my Whimsical Wish Wagon so I can help even more people get their best WiSHes to come true.
I’ll let you know how it goes!

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