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Best Business Ideas for 2021

Finding great business ideas in emerging industries is no easy feat. So we’ve partnered with the experts at, a team of data scientists who obsessively track up-and-coming new industries, and interesting ideas.

Here are the five BEST business ideas to pursue in 2021.

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1. Religion Apps

My religion is tacos 🌮️, but billions of others are looking for ways to further integrate religion into their life – especially in a COVID-world where communal gathering is taboo.

Big brands in the space: Abide, VR Church,


  • You can apply the “X for churches” model across a number of different applications – from Kickstarter to ZipRecruiter to Meetup, where “churches” is a proxy for any religious organization.
  • You can build services around these businesses (i.e. aka consulting, tech support, etc).
  • Maybe also do these types of biz for Jews, Muslims, etc.

2. Garage Upgrades

Home Improvements have been all the rage during the pandemic, but one room, in particular, has seen a lot of love.

No, not the bedroom (you dirty dawg) – the garage.

Big brands in the space: Fleximounts


  • Provide garage remodeling, decorating, and organizing services.
  • Create content that guides people through different garage projects.
  • Sell products and equipment (i.e. customized toolboxes, prefab garage sheds, storage organizers, work benches).

3. Niche Sports

Remember ESPN The Ocho from Dodgeball? That’s a thing now.

You can find everything from Disc Golf to Cherry Pit Spitting to Teqball (aka ping-pong meets soccer).

Big Brands in the space: Products – Teqball & Spikeball / Platforms – Disc Golf Network & FloSports


  • Revive an old niche sport (or create your own).
  • Build a league / community in your local area – then create a product to sell them.
  • Start a training business in these new sports. Find experts and connect them with people who want to learn. 
  • Copy a brand like Flosports and start becoming the ESPN for these niche industries.

4. Neon

Neon lights & signs are glowing up – odds are, you’ve probably seen them in the background of Youtube videos or at restaurants, shops, etc.

Big Brands in the space: Philips & Echo Neon


  • You could provide various options for a “neon bedroom starter kit.”
  • Create a ‘Setup’ service – most people don’t want to spend the time to set all this up.
  • Entrepreneurs could also incorporate neon lights into appliances (e.g., laptops, wearables, speakers, coffee machines, etc.).

5. Countertop Ice Machines

If you’ve ever been to Sonic, you know that their “nugget ice” is king. And whiskey enthusiasts are big on sphere-shaped ice. 🧊

This trend is cooler than the other side of the pillow AND has a ton of upside.

Big Brands in the space: GE & Forge Clear Ice System


  • You could create nugget ice cocktail kits or shaved ice flavoring kits.
  • Nugget ice is touted as a diet aid to curb snack cravings – you could create superfood powders targeted as ice pairings. Or make other products specifically targeted towards the nutrition and health industry.
  • Recreate the Forge Clear Ice System for kids – imagine Olaf in your cup. ⛄️


There you have it! Five ripe opportunities you can pursue this year.

And if you want to see How to Start a Million Dollar Business This Weekend, check out this video.

Let’s make it a big year my friends.

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