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Conor McGregor Net Worth & How He Makes Money

Conor McGregor is a professional MMA fighter and boxer with a net worth of around $200 million dollars.

Most of his money comes from the substantial payouts he gets from his fights, but he also makes money from his various business ventures including boxing promotions, a whiskey company, a clothing line, and other investments.

I wanted to know how much Conor McGregor is worth, how he earns money, and more about the businesses he’s started since becoming a successful athlete…

Let’s dive into it.


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Conor McGregor Net Worth

Conor McGregor’s net worth is around $200 million—which is impressive for any athlete, but especially a fighter. He’s one of the top paid fighters in the world and has made around $100 million dollars just from one fight.

Not bad.

Even though Conor McGregor makes multi-millions for fights now, it wasn’t always like that.

When he started, he was living on welfare and made around $200 a week… He also worked as a plumber.

Dang. $200/week to $200 million net worth??

That’s a big difference compared to the money he makes now:

  • $5 million from his fight against Chad Mendes
  • $7 million from his fight against Eddie Alvarez
  • $10 million from his fight against Nate Diaz
  • $12 million from his fight against Jose Aldo
  • $25 million from his fight against Nate Diaz (again)
  • $50 million from his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • $100 million from his fight against Floyd Mayweather

And that’s just some of his fights.

Despite starting his career relatively late in life, Conor emerged as one of the wealthiest athletes in the world.

In addition to his multimillion-dollar income from boxing and MMA fights, he also built a fortune through a number of lucrative endorsement deals and business ventures.

Let’s get into how Conor McGregor built his net worth.

Conor McGregor’s Businesses: How He Makes Money

Conor McGregor Revenue Stream #1: Fights & Endorsements

Conor McGregor is one of the highest paid MMA fighters in the world and one of the few MMA fighters who earns money just for showing up.

Talk about building a name for yourself.

Not only does his name get him prize money in advance, but it also means he gets brand endorsements.

In past years, he’s earned around $14 million just from endorsements with companies like Burger King and Beats by Dre. But he also works with big-name brands like EA (Electronic Arts), Reebok, Wynn Resorts, Monster Energy Drinks, and more.

That’s a typical way athletes make money these days. Yes, they earn bookoo bucks by winning prize money, but many make even MORE from brand sponsorships.

The same applies to content creators.

If you’re a content creator, don’t only focus on making money from ad revenue or affiliate links.

The big money is made from brand sponsorships (or promoting your own brand).

Conor McGregor Revenue Stream #2: Proper No. Twelve Whiskey Brand

Speaking of promoting your own brand, Conor McGregor started his own whisky brand, Proper No. Twelve.

And it makes tons of money.

He started it in 2018, and it made about $1 billion in sales in the first year.

(But remember—that’s revenue, not profit.)

Since it launched, the brand experienced rapid growth and became extremely popular. In addition to selling products in more than 40 countries around the world, Proper No. Twelve has also partnered with Diageo, the world’s largest liquor branding company, to help market and sell the products.

In 2021, he sold the majority stake of the company to Proximo Spirits for around $600 million—so, he got a cut of that multi-million dollar deal, but it’s not known exactly how much he made.

So even though he doesn’t own the majority stake in his brand anymore, he’s still the face of it and stars in commercials and promos for it.

I think that’s a great decision on Conor’s part.

Running brands takes a lot of time and effort. So starting the brand, getting a feel for how he wants it to be run, and then selling it to a major company that specializes in running premium drink brands is a smart move.

Know what your strengths are.

Conor’s is fighting and being a top-level athlete. His whiskey brand was a personal passion, so it’s awesome that he started it—but knowing when to bow out and delegate to others is essential for long-term success.

Now he can still participate in the brand and be the face of it, without it taking up all his time so he can focus on his fighting career and other investments.

Conor McGregor Revenue Stream #3: Investments

And some of those investments are…

First, in 2018, McGregor opened a pub in Dublin called The Black Forge. The pub serves Irish food and features a UFC cage inside so customers can watch MMA matches while they eat.

He also announced plans to open a whiskey distillery in Ireland and expand his Proper No. Twelve brand into new international markets like China and Australia.

He’s also an investor in several startups:

  • $1 million in Klyncar, a health food delivery company
  • $1 million in a cryptocurrency investment company, Zero George
  • $4 million in an artificial intelligence platform called WayRay, which makes holographic heads-up displays for cars

And he’s made investments in real estate, like the Grand Canal Dock apartment complex in Dublin. He purchased the property for €13.5 million in 2017 and plans to turn it into upmarket apartments as well as rentable social housing units.
By diversifying his revenue streams and expanding into new markets, he’s looking to double his earnings over the next few years and secure his place not only as one of the greatest athletes of all time…

But also a top businessman.

Conor McGregor Revenue Stream #4: The Mac Life

Conor McGregor has also developed a media company called The Mac Life which includes a blog, YouTube channel, and social media presence.

Staying true to his niche, the content focuses mainly on MMA and fitness, with some lifestyle and fashion sprinkled in.

The YouTube channel has millions of followers, and likely generates revenue like most content creators and media companies would: through AdSense revenue, affiliate links, promoting own-brand products, and partnering with brands.

Since Conor’s such a well-known public figure, starting a media company like this is a super smart move.

It’s something he can build around his niche without having to be hands-on all the time, creating content about himself and his life.

Conor McGregor Revenue Stream #5: Clothes & Fitness Equipment

Conor McGregor also has a clothing line called August McGregor which he started with his clothier (man, I need a clothier) David August.

Conor’s known for making a statement with his fashion—whether it’s sharp suits or bold patterns—so a clothing line is very on-brand for him.

I love how he doubles down on what he loves.

Besides his clothing line, he also has his own brand of fighting gloves and sportswear on McGregor FAST. Recently, it has also expanded to include a fitness training app so people can train like Conor does.

McGregor FAST generates around $5 million a year in revenue and is one of his biggest sources of non-fight income.

My Key Takeaways

Conor McGregor once said,

“I’m 30 now. Say by 35, I’ll be a billionaire.”

I think he’s right.

  • Stick to what you’re good at and monetize the heck out of it
  • Create businesses around your passions
  • Know when to step out of a business
  • Build a personal brand for yourself and stay in that niche

And you can get to the millionaire level like Conor—maybe billionaire too.

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One response to “Conor McGregor Net Worth & How He Makes Money”

January 7, 2023 at 12:26 pm

I certainly admire Conors Diversity and not afraid to enter into the unknown.

I have an I an investable project not a start up but backed by over 40 years industry experience.

Is conor looking for projects to invest in..?

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