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Create an Online Course (LIVE Example)

My assistant Jamie wants to start an online course.

Specifically she wants to build an online business teaching others how to be a virtual assistant. 

She’s been thinking of doing this for a while, but finally ready to TAKE ACTION. 

Over the past months she’s just put her course ideas into a Google doc. 

Today we’re going to get her started by finding the first paying client.

I’m also sharing KEY suggestions for her to implement short, medium, and long term.

My team at AppSumo created Monthly1k to share people how to create online businesses. From that course I learned a TON about how to start a business AND how to make an effective course.

A few highlights:

  • Fear. Most people are afraid when starting any business because of rejection and self-worth
  • Accountability and having a support group is critical in being successful
  • Velocity to $1 is critical — as once you get a first paying customer you’re whole mindset changes
  • Customer first. It’s WAY easier to deliver a service to someone who’s already paid than the other way around

How to figure out what to create an online course about?

  1. Look at what people have asked you to explain to them
  2. Consider where you spend a lot of your free time or what you do in your day job
  3. Evaluate what’s available online for someone trying to learn something you’re knowledgable in

Before you jump in to creating an online course a few major alerts 🚨

  1. Do NOT spend any money. No websites. Domains. Backlinks. 3-letter acronyms. Nothing
  2. Focus JUST on helping 1 person offline directly. Document this process to CREATE an online course
  3. Really focus on the RESULT the other person wants, which words / questions they ask you
  4. Notice where the person gets 💡moments
  5. An online course helps scale what’s working, not the other way around. Get so many customers you HAVE to put it online to assist them.

Short Term – Major Keys 🔑

  • Look first what people are ASKING you to teach them
  • Learn what people really and figure out the material that really works
  • Get your first customer without paying for anything (USE YOUR NETWORK)

Medium Term – Major Keys🔑

  • Start a newsletter with SendFox. Weekly tips on being a 6-figure executive assistant
  • Post 1 video a week on YouTube
  • Leverage other sites (Job boards, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)
  • Work backward from value. Charge 10% of what THEY will make.
  • Offer FULL do it for them package ($1,000)
  • Record questions asked by first students, notice language used. Leverage this for course material. 

Long Term – Major Keys🔑

  • Referrals (people other people they know); make the ASK
  • Social media on the regular
  • Paid ads
  • Free workshops
  • Post on virtual job boards
  • Put course on Teachable, Udemy or Skillshare

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