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Entrepreneur Appetizer #3

This year, we did fantasy football at our company.

I got my butt kicked.

What’s ridiculous is, I hired a coach! And I still didn’t even make the playoffs. I thought I could just have my coach do everything without putting in any effort myself.

It might seem odd to mention fantasy football on my blog. But it taught me a valuable lesson about business and life…

You need to put in the effort.

In today’s short podcast episode, I’m sharing how you can win in business and life.

You’ll learn 3 major things, plus a bunch more:

  1. How our former teammate Jordache dominated our fantasy league (we thought he was cheating at first)
  2. What I learned about coaches to be more successful
  3. Why effort matters for success — and why shortcuts don’t always matter


How did you like this episode? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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