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Knights of the Round Table

Some online “entrepreneurs” make business seem easy.

Just do these 6 simple things and you’ll have an 8-figure business, they say.


We’ve built a few 8-figure businesses, and it’s NEVER as glamorous, easy, or as simple as some people pretend.

(And most of the time, the people who say it’s easy haven’t even reached the levels they talk about!)

Today, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s REALLY like to try and fix a 7-figure business — Sumo.

You’ll hear the actual struggles we’re experiencing in our 7-figure business, some of the hard choices we had to make (like letting go 50% of our team), and more.

Specifically, in today’s podcast you’ll learn…

  1. The “Knights of the Round Table” meeting we had to set goals
  2. The people we decided NOT to help in our business
  3. How do you win in your own business?

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When struggles are you facing in your business? Leave a comment below…

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3 responses to “Knights of the Round Table”

Gerald Lanus
April 14, 2019 at 4:59 pm

I found your material under the University of Chicago rubric. I am a graduate of the College at Chicago and also Columbia Law School.
I have an interesting case. Now at the age of 65 I have spent all my economic life caretaking for the health of an unfortunate family.
I have ideas but honestly nothing in the way a resume that would permit me to advance those ideas.
I now have my own health concerns and though I am going to live another 20, 25 years or more am just a little to frustrated to care.
I don’t know what you would even say to me. I spend days between subjects putting together ideas in handwritten form. I come from the North Shore of Chicago, am very rich culturally, but yes, screwed.
Maybe you can take this to heart and take care of kids coming up that they might design business plans sufficiently appropriate. That is all I can say. Thanks. Gerald Lanus

Steven Peters
April 12, 2019 at 10:14 am

Knowing where to start next. After 2 businesses on top of 24 years in the IT/BPO Consulting world, I want to move into my next thing(s). I have many ideas and interests but seem stuck on where to focus my energies. Thinking multiple streams…but again…choosing seems to have me stalled for some time now.

Judith Norris
April 9, 2019 at 5:48 pm

Monetary struggles. Although I taught school for thirty years, there is no pension for me to retire comfortably. Following personal wanderlust and husband’s job transfers took me to wonderful places. But, this prevented my staying in one district to get required years in service. Fortunately, I love work and can/will never stop. As a Private Piano Coach and Freelance Writer, I hope to get established online.

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