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goodbye, things by fume sasaki

I love reading minimalism books. Always inspires me to get rid of all my stuff, rethink in my work whats really most important and a nice life reset.

Goodbye, things by Fume Sasaki was similar to Marie Kondo but a great refresher on minimalism.

A few key takeaways and action items plus some commentary from moie:

It was all the things I didn’t have that were standing between me and my happiness.

So true — we think all the items we have or don’t have will finally fulfill us. The reality I have to remind myself is that we already have it. No need to chase or expect the next / more things to complete us.

Why was I feeling so unhappy when my previous wish to live there had been fulfilled?

Love this concept of wanting something, getting it and then later just being okay with it vs the gratitude we had before hand. Amazing reminder on relationships, housing, items and most things in life.

We use objects to tell people just how valuable we are. We Buy things just to convey our qualities to others.

SO true. We have books, pictures, collectibles, etc that show off what matters to us. It’s not to get rid of them but to really be intentional what we have on the mantle. I have 2 boxes that I’ve schlepped over the past 10 years and never once opened them. Reviewing them after this book made me realize that 1/2 the stuff I could throw out and never miss. The other 1/2 of baby pictures I do cherish (even though I’ve digitized them) and keep.

Tips to reduce your items:

A week is actually all the time you need to reduce your possessions, no matter how much you may have.

  • Discard things you have not used in a year. A bonus idea is to turn your coat hangers the opposite direction when you wear something and then see which items you aren’t wearing after some period of time.
  • Take pictures of things to soften the blow of parting with them.
  • Ask yourself, “if I were to lose this, would I want to buy it again?”
  • Put things in a garbage bag and if you haven’t used them in a month then toss them out. I also leave things in a pile and look at it often, if I still don’t care after a month I’ll donate.
  • One in, one out. If you want to buy something then get rid of something. You can also limit your clothes hangers.
  • A spotless room is a welcoming sight for anyone.

This is so true. I love coming into my house and not seeing many things but just the things that give me true joy. Most items I’ve donated / discarded I forget I gave away. Only a wine opener was the thing I needed to buy again 🙂

If you’re interested in changing yourself, start with letting things go.

With less things the very act of living brings joy.

Overall, taking action leads to happiness! The regret we have from NOT doing something leaves stronger impression than the regret for DOING something. Now’s the best time to do it, regardless the outcome.

What is 1 thing you will let go of today?

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