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How Content Creators Get Successful LIVE (w/ Sam Parr, Neville Medhora, Nick Gray & Justin Mares)

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There’s a difference between an audience and a community. A community is when people actually care what you are doing, and you can build a community by responding to people one by one.” — Noah Kagan (00:26:29 – 00:27:31)

Today’s episode is a bit different. Last week, I did a LIVE podcast episode at SXSW with friends and some of the top online creators Neville Medhora, Sam Parr, Nick Gray, and Justin Mares.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn EXACTLY how content creators get successful, you’ll love this episode.

In this episode, you’ll enjoy 3 BIG things:

  1. What content channels we’re MOST excited about right now
  2. The tools we NEED to make the best content (shoutout to CastMagic)
  3. And the EXACT formulas we’re using to grow our audience today

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Key Moments

  • [00:11:20] Creating compilation videos then releasing dedicated interviews for follow-up; two videos per month.
  • [00:12:03] Set a low goal, be sustainable, and take risks to reach goal.
  • [00:26:29] Build a community by responding to comments and emails one by one.
  • [00:29:19] Good deals on software on (, ClickUp, Libsyn, SendFox, TidyCal, HypeFury).
  • [00:38:34] Post same popular message repeatedly on a monthly cadence.
  • [00:39:45] Creating unique content with a competitive advantage repeated monthly.
  • [00:53:42] Most people use TikTok; growing email list is important; focus on communication channels.
  • [01:00:07] Creating content for underdogs in business.
  • [01:10:06] Making an episode and promoting tools, speakers, and services.

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of communication channels: Building communication channels beyond just social media is key to establishing a relationship with followers. SMS messaging and WhatsApp groups have been successful in building communities in various niches.
  • Sustainable content creation goals: Setting achievable and sustainable goals is better than aiming for something unattainable. One tip is to focus on producing just a few highly produced videos a month instead of doing a lot of videos inconsistently.
  • Building community vs. audience: Community is often mistaken for an audience but it is more valuable since it continues to create content without the creator. The best way to create a community platform is to use popular platforms like Facebook, Slack or Reddit where people are already present.

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