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A Short Post on How to Become Rich

The truth is, there’s no secret to getting rich. If you want to become rich, you’ve gotta learn how to do the simple things well — and then keep doing them consistently until they pay off. I always get asked how to become rich, so these are the 4 things I think you need to master to become rich and successful no matter what you do.

It’s just 4 things!

And they’re going to seem really simple. Like, too simple.

But they’ve benefited me the most in making money over my lifetime.

How to Become Rich (For Dummies)

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1. Your Network Makes You Rich

How has my network affected me getting rich?

I would say that about 90% of my net worth happened because of the people I know.

So Ayman, the former CEO of AppSumo, I knew him because Charlie Hoehn referred him to me.

Chad, the CTO of AppSumo, became my business partner who’s helped build a lot of AppSumo over the years because I asked Andrew Warner for a recommendation.

And even with this crypto stuff, I have a lot of friends that spend all their day thinking about it, coding about it, and talking about it — and I’ve just asked for recommendations from them about what I should be investing in and it’s done really well.

The world is so much more accessible now than it’s ever been. There’s texting and DMs and LinkedIn and Instagram… all this kind of stuff. If you want to meet people and build networks around it, you totally can.

The thing is…

What are you going to do about it?

And how can you bring value to other people before you start asking for things?

If you start doing that, the better your network will be and the better your net worth will be.

I know people say shitty-ass quotes like that, but it’s true.

I challenge you to go try that out for yourself. Go and help more interesting people and guess what?

You’ll probably find that there’s a lot of benefit for you, too.

2. Know Sales

If you’re dating, if you’re trying to sell a product, if you’re networking, if you’re negotiating — knowing how to sell will always be able to help you get what you want. And make you more money.

What I recommend is reading Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read about sales.


Get more of my top book recommendations here.


The other thing I would also highly recommend is to go work for a company that you already love and sell their product.

When it comes to AppSumo, I love selling it to people. We bring you customers and money for free!

So I highly recommend getting good at sales if you want to become a millionaire.

3. Be Great at Marketing

Next up is marketing.

Forever in our lifetime people want more customers.


That’s just a period thing.

So if you can get better at bringing people customers, you will always get rewarded. You will always make a lot of money.

4. Connect People

And the last skill that’s made me a lot of money is connecting.

How have I connected with people?

For example, today I’m looking for some referrals on some jobs that we’re hiring for AppSumo. I texted Eric Reese, I texted Heaton Shaw, I texted Paul Singh and it was unbelievable. Like I can’t believe these guys are responding.

That’s so cool!

And it’s because I’ve been building relationships with them and we’ve been helping each other over many years.

So because of these connections, I was able to actually get valuable referrals from awesome people.

Without these connections, I’d be spending my own time and money trying to reach outside of my network. So having connections like these awesome guys is really valuable to me and what I do.

Master the simple things

Becoming rich and successful is really just about doing these 4 simple things really well. At least, that’s how it’s worked out for me.

  • Your network is your net worth
  • Know sales
  • Be great at marketing
  • Connect people

The best thing about this list?

Basically anyone can do it. No matter where you’ve come from, no matter what you’re starting with (or not starting with)… Pretty much anyone can get good at these 4 things. And you don’t need anything special to get started — just start caring about people and connecting people and keep growing your network.

But remember, always add value first before you ask for anything. It’ll always work out better if you do things that way.


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