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A Note on Worry by Adam Gilbert

I met my buddy Adam Gilbert back in 2006.

He’s the founder of MyBodyTutor and got me into being consistent with my health and fitness. We’ve been accountability buddies for a long time, and today I wanted to share one of the messages he sent me recently.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot since he sent it. Maybe it will make you think, too.

How To Not Worry

When I look back on my childhood and even college I think about how much time I spent worrying. I had a lot of fun, but I always worried about my future and put a ton of pressure on myself. I tell my kids all the time — just enjoy school and have fun. They already worry a lot (think it’s genetic) and they’re very conscientious so I’m not worried about them not caring about school, etc.

I also worry a lot now…. lots of responsibility, kids and wife to feed, etc. I just worry!

However, I don’t want to be in my 60s and beyond thinking about how I worried so much.

Everything does work out. Why? Perhaps there’s a higher power but also b/c we MAKE it work out. We always have. Both of us.

I share this b/c try to worry less about finding a woman. You are the fucking man and have everything going for you…

Smart, good looking, in shape, successful, good family, passionate, driven, friends who love you, and on and on….

ENJOY THIS TIME OF YOUR LIFE! (A reminder for both of us!)

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One response to “A Note on Worry by Adam Gilbert”

June 27, 2022 at 4:05 pm

Totally agree!! I found my husband the summer before I was going to move away. I was done with men, just having fun, and I was going to move. Once I stopped looking for a boyfriend, my attitude changed, I became more fun to be around and almost played hard to get in a way b/c I wasn’t trying so hard to make something work (he also gave me the death glare when I tried to flirt with him, which is another story). Just have fun, take sex out of it for awhile (for us we started hanging out as only friends which I think helped in our particular situation, everyone is different), and see what happens.

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