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How to Scale a Business (Tips from an 8-Figure Company)

Today I’m going to show you exactly how I run an 8-figure company. 

This business stuff takes time. 

We’ve tested TONS of things over the years. 

The majority of things don’t work. 🙁 

BUT a few things work great. 

So we learn, then do more of what works best. 

Here are my top takeaways for you to scale your business. 

#1 — Have a clear numerical goal with a deadline. 

  • Revenue, email list, etc. 

#2 — Raise the bar to “8-figure decisions”. 

  • Understand your opportunity costs of each decision 

#3 — 10x the things that work.

  • Test many things, then do more of what works best
    • Ads, affiliates, email marketing, etc. 
    • Get started now

#4 — Do weekly pulses. 

  • How are we doing against our only 1 goal? 
  • How are leading indicators going? 
    • Notice trends over time
    • Email signups, traffic, refund rate, conversation rate.

#5 — Optimize the 80%. 

  • Build a great foundation of effectiveness…. 
  • Mouse trackpad, phone, internet, laptop, etc. 
  • Learn to type faster (Keybr, Ratatype, 10 fastfingers)

#6 — Sharpen your daily tools.

  • Gmail/Outlook, Zoom, etc. 
  • Gmail 
    • Enable keyboard shortcuts (shift + ?)
    • “/” takes you to the search bar
    • Learn 1 a day
  • Zoom
    • CMD + A (mute)
    • Space bar (temporarily unmute)
    • CMD + I (invite)

#7 — Optimize your sleep.

  • Memory foam mattress 
  • Oura Ring 
  • Ooler Sleep System
  • Weighted Blanket
  • JCP Satin Sheets
  • T&N pillow
  • Tinted windows 

#8 — Setup your ideal weekly calendar. 

  • We all have the same amount of time in a day
  • Color code calendar so you can see how you’re allocating your time
  • Auto repeat activities (reduces mental energy)
  • Reduce weekly meetings
  • Think, what are you looking forward to this week?

#9 — People are the differentiators.

#10 — The 10 year rule. 

  • Do something for 10 years to become a millionaire 
  • Pick a tidal wave to ride
  • Find something solving your own problem or that’s fun for you


Comment below what you will do for YOUR business.

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One response to “How to Scale a Business (Tips from an 8-Figure Company)”

Thinh Tran
April 29, 2020 at 7:05 am

Most of entrepreneurs I know would say yes to your #10 rule, Noah! Many business takes more than 12-months to get on track, consistent effort pays off over time! Thank you for mentioning it!

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