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Jake Paul Net Worth: How Does He Make His Millions?

Believe it or not, but Jake Paul’s net worth is around $100 million dollars. This may seem like a surprisingly high amount for the YouTuber turned boxer turned businessman, but this kid’s got a lot on the go.

After winning major prize money from fights last year (around $40 million dollars) and including his YouTube brand deals, merch sales, and investments (which total around $60 million), Jake shared in an interview with Fox Business that his net worth is around $100 million dollars right now.


Plus, the amount of money he’s making in fights and as a YouTuber landed him on two of Forbes’ highest-paid lists: The highest-paid YouTube stars list for 2021 and the highest-paid athletes under 25 list for 2022.

Damn. The kid started boxing competitively for fun and now he makes more than some of the major fighters out there.

So impressive.

Let’s dive deeper into how Jake Paul actually makes money, and break down where exactly his net worth is coming from—plus the smart business moves he’s making along the way.


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How Jake Paul Makes Money

Revenue Stream #1: Boxing

Jake went pro in 2020, and just over 2 years later he was recognized as one of the highest-paid athletes under 25 years old by Forbes.

Not as one of the highest-paid boxers under 25—one of the highest-paid athletes. He’s probably earned more in the last two years than some pro athletes will see in their entire career.

The major money that he makes speaks to how much hype he’s able to generate. He’s a master marketer just like his brother Logan Paul (check out our Logan Paul Net Worth article here where we dive deep into how he makes his money) and knows how to draw a crowd.

Now, he’s using that marketing power to benefit other athletes, too. He launched the Most Valuable Promotions agency to help other athletes plan and execute ad campaigns on social media, generate original content for their channels, and promote content to their fans.

So basically, he’s fusing the two industries he knows super well: Sports and social media.

He turned what he knows into a service he can use to hype up other athletes—which is super smart.

When starting your own business, figure out what you know better than everyone else, and turn it into a service. Then people who don’t know how to do it, or people who don’t want to do it, will pay you to do it.

It’s a win-win.

Revenue Stream #2: YouTube Ads & Sponsors

Like all YouTubers, there are two main ways he monetizes his audience on the platform: YouTube ads and sponsorships.

So every time one of his videos is viewed on YouTube, he earns money from ads. The amount that he makes depends on how many views the video gets—the more views a video gets, the more money Jake makes.

In the past, he’s estimated that a video on his channel averages at least $500 in ad revenue per month, but if it’s a super popular video he could earn upwards of $5000. On the other hand, Jake’s ad revenue has been turned off for posting controversial videos in the past, so he could be making $0 on a video if it doesn’t meet YouTube’s ad standards.

The second way that Jake Paul makes YouTube money is through sponsorships. Many companies want their brands to be associated with popular YouTubers like Jake Paul, so they pay him big bucks to endorse their products on his videos.

He likely makes thousands of dollars per brand sponsorship, depending on the brand and the type of ad. But with an audience the size of his, brands could be paying him anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 to be included in a post or video.

There’s big money in sponsorships. YouTube ad revenue adds up—but the bookoo bucks is in the sponsors.

Revenue Stream #3: Merch Sales

Selling merch is a great revenue opportunity for YouTubers, and Jake Paul knows it. His merch store sells things like t-shirts, hats, and stickers with his nickname, “Problem Child” on them.

Not only does he sell merch on his website though, but he also sells it at his live events. At his live shows, Jake often sells exclusive merchandise to his fans that can only be purchased there in person. These limited edition items are highly sought after by his fans and can sell for hundreds of dollars each.

Merch can be a super simple and automated thing to do for your brand to make money and release limited edition products that generate hype, so it’s a smart move when you have an audience to monetize.

Revenue Stream #4: Anti Fund

Jake Paul also makes money from his venture capital firm Anti Fund.

Launched with investor and nutrition startup H.V.M.N founder, Geoffrey Woo, this venture firm provides seed funding to up-and-coming creators and ecommerce stores that aren’t usually a good fit for more traditional funding opportunities.

Jake and Geoffrey were angel investors before they came together to launch Anti Fund, and now the fund allows them to ramp up their investments and put more money towards bigger brand growth.

They’re also being backed by notable investors Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon, which is a pretty big deal.

BONUS Revenue Stream #5: Boxing Bullies

This one kinda doesn’t count as a revenue stream for Jake since it’s a non-profit, but I wanted to include it because it’s an admirable initiative and it’s still a business that he runs.

He may not earn profit from it, but he makes revenue from it. And that revenue raises awareness for a good cause.

The non-profit Jake Paul runs is Boxing Bullies, and ties together his love of boxing plus something he’s probably accustomed to being an online creator—online bullying, harassment, and hate.

By selling merch, collecting donations, and running events, Boxing Bullies aims to instill confidence and leadership skills in youth through the sport of boxing, and to get rid of bullying by raising awareness of what it is and how to combat it.

So far they’ve raised over $400,000 in donations, donated 300+ boxing gloves, and 3 boxing gym renovations are underway.

Love that. Keep fighting the good fight, Jake.


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