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Jobs of The Future

Yesterday’s jobs are quickly disappearing.

Many employers have implemented layoffs, furloughs, hiring freezes or all of the above. 

The bottom line is that yesterday’s jobs are disappearing. 

BUT there are two sides to that coin… 

This also means that tomorrow’s jobs are being created TODAY. 

Here’s my list of top NEW jobs for 2020 and the future beyond. 🚀 

  • Home Office Setup Expert
  • Online Event Promoter (Company meetings, happy hours, etc.)
  • Gym Equipment Rental
  • Virtual Graduation Coordinator ($5k per graduation for technical setup)
  • Content Creators for Digital eCommerce (Zoom backgrounds, coloring books, GumRoad, AppSumo)
  • Delivery Jobs
  • New Tech Guru (connect and setup tech)
  • Online Events Architect 
  • Webinar Engineer 
  • Day Optimizer (help structure and optimize days)
  • Short Term Office Space Rental


What’s a job that you will create in 2020? 

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