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How Logan Paul Makes $32,700,000/Year From YouTube

In 2013, Logan Paul was just some random kid from Ohio studying to become an engineer. Today, Logan Paul’s net worth is over $35 million dollars.

He started his career as a content creator by making goofy videos on Vine and later on YouTube. Today, he has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube and he’s making over $23 million dollars a year from six income streams which I’m gonna break down right now.

Let’s dive in.


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Logan Paul Net Worth & Income Breakdown: How He Makes $32 Million/Year

Let’s get into the details on how Logan Paul’s net worth is around $35 million dollars. These are the 6 main revenue streams Logan Paul earns money from.

Note: In this video we undervalued his boxing match earnings. We estimated that he earned around $1 million dollars per year when he actually makes closer to $10 million. We include the updated numbers in this article.

Revenue Stream #1: Boxing Matches

How is Logan Paul making his millions?

First off, with boxing matches.

This is wild.

You probably heard about the Logan Paul vs. KSI fight in 2019 or the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Money Mayweather fight in 2021.

Yes — one of the most famous boxers of all time fought a YouTuber.


Turns out that Logan Paul can draw a huge crowd of people… and a big crowd means big-ass money.

here are some of the stats to give you context about how much money these fights are making…

  • His first fight with YouTuber KSI sold 12,000 seats… at the Staples Center! (yes, that’s where the Lakers play)
  • It had over 1 million pay-per-view buys making it the biggest amateur fight of all time

Let’s take a look at the pricing of the Logan Paul vs. Mayweather fight.

They actually did some cool things to maximize the amount of money they made, which we can all learn from:

  • They had a regular early pricing ticket and an upsell where you got a t-shirt
  • They had time-sensitive pricing packages to encourage people to buy their tickets sooner

Logan Paul Mayweather Fight Prices

So in your own businesses or in your own premium content, how do you offer incentives to get people to take action?

I know at AppSumo, we use timers on a lot of the things we promote and it works extremely well.

How much is Logan Paul actually making from boxing?
The 2019 fight where Logan Paul fought KSI supposedly sold over $11 million dollars worth of tickets. Both Logan and KSI made over $900,000 each.

It’s reported that Logan Paul made $250,000 just to show up to the fight against Mayweather and he also earned 10% of the pay-per-view sales — resulting in $10 million total.

I know that doesn’t seem crazy if you compare to how much McGregor and Mayweather made from their fight together. Mayweather reportedly earned $280 million and supposedly McGregor earned $130 million from a previous fight.

BUT if this guy is doing one fight a year and gets a nice $10 million dollar paycheck plus a bunch of free press which actually increases his overall brand, it seems worth it to me.

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Revenue Stream #2: Maverick Clothing Line

Next up is money coming from Logan’s clothing line Maverick.

He actually shared a little bit about how much he made over Black Friday weekend in an interview on The Tom Ward Show:

I was like, “Hey Jake, wanna hear something crazy?”

He’s like, “Yeah.”

I was like, “Three days ago I sold $1 million dollars in merch in one day. In that one day you know what’s even crazier?”

He’s like, “Yeah?”

I was like, “I did the same thing the next day.”

And then I was like, “Let me let me stop you there — I did the same thing the day after that. I just made $3 million dollars in three days.”

So how much money is he actually making from his merch line?

Let’s do some math.

Right now, he’s got around 23 million subscribers on his main channel. We’re gonna assume about 1% of those people buy from his store every single year. The average order value is around $50 dollars because his t-shirts are $35 and his hoodies are $89.

$23 million x 1% x $50 AOV = $11.5 million per year

Considering that just on Black Friday alone he did $3 million dollars, this number seems conservative for how well he’s doing on merchandise sales.

Revenue Stream #3: Maverick Club

The next thing I want to talk about is his Maverick Club.

It’s an exclusive club for his subscribers. They get cool perks like exclusive content, limited edition Maverick clothing, discounts, exclusive giveaways, etc.

It’s amazing, I love it.

So how much is he actually making from the Maverick Club?

We’re gonna assume about 1 / 1000 of his subscribers actually sign up for this — his true fans.

The math:

$19.95/month x 12 months x 23 million subs x 0.001% = $5,506,200 per year in annual recurring revenue.

The size of his audience is just bonkers.

Revenue Stream #4: Pokemon Side Hustle

I love people making money in weird ways, and this is one of the weird ways he’s been making money.

His Pokemon card side hustle.

Pokemon cards are supposedly cool again! It turns out you can make quite a bit of money from flipping them.

All of my sports cards are literally almost worth nothing. I don’t know how these ones are worth a lot.

But Logan Paul is definitely hopping on the trend and making some pretty good returns on his investment. He bought a “Booster Box” (whatever the hell that is) containing 36 packs of first edition Pokemon cards — super rare, apparently — at an auction for $200,000.

But here’s where his business genius comes in…

Instead of just buying the Pokemon cards and keeping them for himself, he made a huge stunt out of it.

He ended up selling all 36 packs inside the Booster Box for $11,111 each.

11,111 x 36 = $399,996

So he doubled his money.

Man, this guy is good.

And maybe he’s done more this year, but that’s just one he’s put out in his videos.

Revenue Stream #5: Podcast Sponsorships

Next up is his podcast sponsorships.

Logan Paul has a second YouTube channel for his podcast which has almost 3 million subscribers. His podcast is ranked #25 in the comedy category on iTunes in the US and it has over 30,000 reviews — which is massive. And he monetizes the show through really standard podcast sponsorships.

We’ve found out, based on the size of his show and a lot of other comparables, that it’s probably around $40 thousand dollars per sponsored podcast.

And a lot of times what these guys do which is really smart is they make people buy multiple podcast ads — so you need to buy a pack of like three episodes or ten episodes at a time.

So let’s do some math on how much money he’s actually making…

1 sponsored episode/week x $40k per ad x 52 weeks per year = $2.08 million per year

He puts out about two episodes a week but only every other one is sponsored, so he’s making around $2 million dollars a year just from the podcast sponsorships.

Revenue Stream #6: YouTube Adsense

This is the most common money-maker for content creators…

YouTube Adsense.

To figure out how much he makes from it, we need to find out how many views he gets.

According to SocialBlade, it looks like he gets around 40 million views a month on his main channel and 17 million views a month on his podcast channel for a total of 57 million views.

Only around 70% of the views get monetized because some people leave before the ad or use ad blockers, so his monetizable available views are around 39,900,000 million.

We also need to know Logan Paul’s CPM.

Our channel’s CPM is around $50 which is massive, but the average CPM in the USA is around $7 dollars.

So let’s do some math…

$7 CPM / 1000 views x 39.9 million monetizable views = $279,300 per month

Just from YouTube ads running passively on his videos!

Yearly Revenue Summary for Logan Paul

So let’s add it all up…

  • Boxing Matches: $10 million
  • Maverick Merch: $11.5 million
  • Maverick Club: $5.5 million
  • Pokemon Cards: $270,000
  • Podcast Sponsorships: $2.08 million
  • YouTube AdSense: $3.35 million

Total Yearly Revenue = $32,700,000

Just a quick disclaimer — remember that this is his revenue NOT his profits.

It also doesn’t take into account all the costs that are incurred to run his businesses, plus this is all based on our research team’s best estimates from everything we found online about it.

Are you surprised by Logan Paul’s yearly earnings and $35 million dollar net worth? Are you surprised how much content creators can earn on platforms like YouTube, and by starting other side hustles as well? Let me know in the comments what you think.


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Onski Anderson
February 9, 2023 at 12:44 am

How do I send him some of my music if he’s a producer maybe he might dig somethin I’do ??? I do it all my self ( my wife is my editor and bandmate)

October 23, 2022 at 7:17 pm

All of that and there is no telling hour much he is getting paid to Wrestle Roman Raines.
Supposedly a round $15,000,000 for a
3 year contract.

Red Miller
September 17, 2022 at 4:16 am

I’m a Podcaster, photojournalist and writer, I want and need to build my brand. What is the best way to do that? My podcast centers around the world of gaming, all things game related. So, like when Paramount+ took Halo and Mads it live action I did a podcast on that. I don’t talk to gamer professionals which I need to, but I interview the average gamer to get there take on the gamer universe.
I had a interview set up with Ubisoft and it went well, but I need more.
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Red Miller

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