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A Short Post on Upleveling Your Marketing

There’s a lot of marketing tips out there—and some of them work.

But sometimes, they’re just noise.

I’ve spent DECADES of my life marketing different products and businesses, and these are 4 key marketing tips that work pretty universally across them all.

If you can do these 4 things really well, your business will be off to a great start.

Let’s get into it.

4 Marketing Tips to Uplevel Your Growth

Marketing Tip #1: Built-In Marketing

First things first, always find a way to build marketing into your product.

When you do this, your product markets itself as people use it.

Tons of companies do this.

For example, when we built our email marketing software SendFox, we built marketing into so every time someone emails their clients or friends, there’s a thing at the bottom of the email that says “Powered by SendFox.”

Ecommerce platforms do this, popup notification tools do this, photo apps do this, PayPal does this, and even TikTok does a version of this!

So whether you’re selling products, services, SaaS, or maybe you even have a restaurant business—build marketing into your product so you turn your customers into marketers for your brand.

Marketing Tip #2: Retention

Keeping your customers is 10x easier than finding new ones.

As they say, “It is cheaper to keep her.”

For example, I can sometimes get distracted wanting new viewers for my YouTube channel, but keeping my Underdogs happy by doing my Office Hours live streams and putting out content that I know will be beneficial to their life and career is so much easier than trying to find new viewers all the time.

Think about how you can do that for your own business.

Restaurants overlook this ALL the time. They work so hard to get you in the door or to stand out from all the competition on delivery apps and then they do nothing to keep you around.

What a waste of potential.

It’s so easy to get a phone number or an email or even an address and keep in touch with existing customers. Then the restaurant doesn’t constantly have to be spending time and money marketing to new customers.

Think about it this way: Your business is a bucket with a hole leaking water out the bottom. Incentivizing past customers to buy again plugs the hole so you can retain more “water” (AKA, time and money) that keeps your bucket full.

But if you aren’t retaining any past customers, the water leaks out of the bucket faster than you can fill it and you constantly have to use more and more resources to stay in business.

To build a business that stands the test of time, it’s never too early to invest in customer retention.

Marketing Tip #3: Concentration

You want concentration in your marketing.

Hear me out.

When someone comes to you and says, “I’ve seen your ads and your business everywhere!” That means you’re marketing to a very targeted audience extremely well.

I want you to work towards people saying that to you.

Know your target audience SO well, that you can anticipate all the online and offline places they frequent, so they see you wherever you go.

And I’m not talking about retargeting ads where they show ads everywhere you go online.

I’m saying that your ideal customer watches a YouTube video and they hear, “Hey, I’m drinking this Celsius drink.” And then they go on TikTok and see a Celsius ad, and then they read a blog post sponsored by Celsius, and they start thinking, “Man, everyone’s drinking the Celsius drink.”

Sponsored by Celsius… just kidding, it’s not.

But concentration = great marketing.

Marketing Tip #4: 50x It

The last marketing tip to consider is 50x-ing.

I know people are talking about 10x-ing these days, but 50x-ing is the new 10x-ing.

What do I mean by this?

Basically, if you find anything that works in your marketing strategy—50x it.

  • Advertising? 50x it.
  • Blog posts? 50x it.
  • YouTube videos? 50x it.

I’ve talked to people about this and they say things like, “Noah, I’m definitely 50x-ing it!”

But you’re not. I promise you that.

What this means is that you do it until it’s not profitable anymore. Meaning, if you do one video a week and it’s working in terms of driving audience or customers—do five a week.

Do 50 a week.

And once you find that you’re not getting that many more new views for the work you’re doing, then you pull it back.

But you can definitely go a lot further than you think. So don’t just 10x it.

50x it.

Anyone can be a great marketer

I’ve been marketing for the past 20 years and I’m still learning.

A lot of these marketing tips I’ve learned just by:

  • Doing it myself
  • And observing other people great at marketing

Go out and actually observe the world and notice what products catch your eye. Think about how those brands promote their products and where they promote them—and learn from their success!

That’s how you can become a great marketer, too.

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