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How to Win Friends and Meet Influential People


In this episode, we talk about “networking”, or as I like to call it, making friends with cool ass people.

When I was 21 years old, I graduated from UC Berkeley, worked at a cubicle at Intel, and was living at my mom’s house…

I had 0 online presence, network, or mentors.

Fast forward 20 years later and MUCH of my success can be attributed to the people I’ve met over the years.

Tim Ferriss, Andrew Warner, my biz partner Chad Boyda, referrals to my lawyer Derek Newman and many more….

In this episode, I cover 9 specific tactics you can use today to connect with successful people in your industry.

Here are 3 things you’ll learn:

  1. Why I always make an effort to connect with ambitious BEFORE they “make it”
  2. How to meet new people even if you’re still quarantined at home
  3. How I met and became friends with Tim Ferris and Ramit Sethi

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Have a lovely daaaayyyyyyyyy!

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