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MrBeast Net Worth: How He Makes So Much Money

Due to MrBeast’s massive growth, he has become one of the most popular YouTube personalities in the world. Today, MrBeast’s net worth is estimated at $56 million dollars.

But how did he do it?

He went from a broke college student with no YouTube subscribers to where he is now in just a few years.

Let’s dive into how he did it—plus how he makes and gives away so much of his money.


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MrBeast Net Worth: How He Has So Much Money

The short answer is…

He put every penny he earned from one YouTube video into the next.

Doing that made his videos better over time, grew his subscriber count, got him more attention so he could get major sponsorships, and built up an audience that he could sell more products to.

He’s known for spending around $300,000 just to produce one video!


What keeps all the money coming is his epic content. He puts out videos people love, he gives back to his subscribers, and he runs cool contests and games that capture attention online.

He’s a master marketer.

How MrBeast Makes Money

When MrBeast first started on YouTube in 2013, he was just a broke college student sharing videos about video games and tech products he recently purchased.

He didn’t even have a car!

Over the years, though, MrBeast became increasingly popular and his YouTube channel exploded in popularity.

Today, MrBeast is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of over $56 million dollars.

He’s one of the top-earning YouTubers at the moment, but not all that money comes from YouTube.

Let’s break down where his money actually comes from…

Revenue Stream #1: YouTube Ads

MrBeast’s videos are hugely popular.

He reportedly makes a minimum of $3 million per month from YouTube ads alone. And that’s not including the brand sponsorships he gets paid for, as well (we’ll talk about those later).

His audience watches hundreds of millions of hours of video content every month, so it makes sense to display ads on these videos and get paid for the content they’re watching.

Revenue Stream #2: Affiliate Links

MrBeast endorses many brands in his videos, and when these brands sell products through his affiliate links he earns a commission on each sale.

For example, he often advertises brands like Honey and Pokerstars, so when a person signs up through one of his links, he gets paid a small referral fee.

The referral fee is usually just a small percentage of the sale, but based on the volume of people that MrBeast drives to the brand—it adds up quickly.

Revenue Stream #3: Sponsors

Not only does MrBeast earn income from affiliate links, but he also earns money from brand sponsorships.

This is where the big bucks roll in.

Affiliate revenue and YouTube Adsense are great—but brand sponsorships are a creator’s bread and butter.

Many well-known brands pay him to be an ambassador for their company and this allows them access to MrBeast’s huge audience which is very valuable to them. He does sponsorships on both his main channel and his gaming channel.

These sponsors likely pay him anywhere from $100,000 dollars to even $1 million, depending on the size and scope of the deal.

For example, if brands want to be the primary sponsor of his main channel, it’s reported that he charges around $1 million dollars per month!

Which might seem like a lot—but think about the amount of views he’s pulling in. Every single one of his videos gets tens of millions—if not HUNDREDS—of millions of views.

Mr Beast Net Worth Why He Has So Much Money

That’s a ton of exposure for any brand.

Revenue Stream #4: Merch Sales

MrBeast has a successful merch empire—ShopMrBeast. The stuff on his site sells out frequently.

Many people visit MrBeast’s website to find out about new products that he’s reviewed or to buy one of his merchandise items that are very popular with his fans. This generates income for him through affiliate commissions on the products that people buy through his site.

He’s made millions of dollars selling merch all thanks to his loyal subscribers who buy everything he releases.

Revenue Stream #5: MrBeast Burger

MrBeast also launched an interesting “virtual restaurant” concept called MrBeast Burger.

It’s basically a fast food chain, but instead of being run like a traditional McDonalds or Burger King, restaurants can apply to become a seller of Beast Burger foods, and customers can order the food from delivery apps in their area.

This makes expanding the business way easier, since MrBeast doesn’t have to open up a bunch of locations all around the world. And it helps out the restaurants that sell his food. One food place in Dallas that added Beast Burgers to their menu reportedly made $7000 in the first day!

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Revenue Stream #6: Feastables

MrBeast has another food company called Feastables that specializes in chocolate bars but since it’s MrBeast, the snacks are served with a side of merch and giveaways thrown in the mix.

Diving into food products is a good move for MrBeast.

Who doesn’t love snacks?!

It’s something a large chunk of his audience can get excited about, and it’s another avenue to monetize his audience. Some of his viewers might not be interested in merch because they might not wear it—but they might buy something like a chocolate bar since they can eat it.

Plus, chocolate bars are a tried-and-tested product proven to sell well. He doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to get more sales.

Keep that in mind for your own entrepreneurial journey: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes tried-and-tested is best.

How Does MrBeast Give So Much Money Away

How does MrBeast have so much money to give away?

It’s simple, really.

Like we said above, he only puts into his videos what he’s earned from other videos.

So he’s created a repeating cycle that goes something like this:

  • He earns YouTube Adsense from a video
  • He puts that money towards making another video
  • That video does even better, which brings in more viewers
  • More viewers means that he attracts more sponsorship dollars
  • More money from sponsors means he can give bigger prizes away to his audience
  • The hype of cool giveaways grows his following
  • With a bigger audience, he can sell more of his own products like merch, Beast Burger, and Feastables

And then the cycle continues. It feeds itself. (No pun intended)


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