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My 2023 Goals

Creating New Year’s goals is one of my FAVORITE things to do, because it sets my year up for success.

After lots of trial and error, I’ve made a simple goal-setting system that works:

  • #1: Pick a word.
  • #2: Separate your goals into 5 categories.
  • #3: Get an accountability buddy.

This word I’m focusing on this year is GROUNDED.

These are my goals…

👨‍💻 Work

  • $X million net revenue for AppSumo
  • 750,000 YouTube subscribers
  • Confirm 1000 reviews for Million Dollar Weekend book + launch

💪 Workout

  • 10,000 push ups
  • Bike from Phoenix to Albuquerque
  • 3 workouts a week

❤️ Personal

  • Bike 41 miles for my 41st
  • Spend everything I make or give it away
  • Spend 40 hours learning Hebrew and Spanish

🏠 Living

  • Sell 1305 condos
  • Live/work in Spain (look for property)

✈️ Travel

  • Parents cruise trip (Alaska)
  • Brother weekend trip (bikerafting?)
  • Tynan Tokyo cruise
  • Weekend trip with Nephew

Use this Google Doc to plan your goals. (File > Make a Copy)

The key word is PLAN. Actually pick dates and put them in your calendar. Don’t leave it up to chance—no one’s going to make them happen but YOU.

3 tips for making your goals even more reachable:

  • Weekly Accountability: I email two of my friends every single week to keep me in check.
  • Make Monthly Reports: Every month I write a report about what happened that month (which goals were met / planned / not met / etc.).
  • Write Your Fantasy Story: In a story format, I write out what I want the end of the year to look like. Get creative and have fun with it. You can do this to help figure out what things would be exciting for you to do next year.

Check out my past goal setting blog articles (2019 goals and 2020 goals) where I dive even deeper into my process behind goal setting.

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