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Prenups can be an important part of preparing for marriage…

But it’s also a SUPER sensitive topic.

I know because I’m learning and planning a prenup now.

In today’s conversation, I talk to a top divorce attorney about WHY and HOW to plan a prenup.

But that’s not all I talk to this divorce attorney about.

I also wanted to hear his advice on how to keep a marriage strong… so a prenup is never even needed.

One major theme is to “keep the connection going”. A few pointers we talk about:

  • Not taking things too seriously and having big arguments
  • Breaking through difficult moments
  • Learn to say sorry (and mean it)
  • Daily reassessments and reconciliation
  • Data says sexually active relationships = healthy relationships (NICE!)

These tips remind me of the book Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix that I read recently. One takeaway is I started to try to plan more surprises (like flowers every few weeks).

In today’s podcast, you’ll hear all about prenups, surprises, and tons more:

  1. Most common reasons for divorce
  2. KEYS to healthy relationships
  3. How prenups work (key things to consider before getting one)

What’s one thing you learned in this episode?

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One response to “Divorce Attorney Tells ALL 💸”

March 5, 2020 at 2:56 pm

Good thoughts! I ended a long term marriage, getting burned, no pre nup. Pre nup was a condition for marriage in 2nd marriage, best $ I’ve ever spent! That ended, very smooth, and done. Now single, facing a 3rd. … So, good thoughts on the side for not doing it. Considering….
Keep up the podcast, even folks like me pushing 60 listen. Have a Taco!

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