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Recession Proof

These are UNPRECEDENTED times.

Things are bad, and we’re not sure when they’re getting better.

So what are we supposed to do about it?

Here are a few ways I’m thinking about being “recession proof” if things keep getting bad…

Prepare Financially

  • Pick a strategy and actively review it
  • Get an expert
  • Be a part of a group

Prepare Your Company

  • What are things people will still need no matter what?
  • Keep morale
  • Have a redundancy or backup plan for key roles / personnel in the business
  • Business insurance doesn’t do much right now

Prepare For Uncertainty and Fear

  • What can we learn right now for next time? (Financially, personally, mentally)
  • What can we control?  It feels good taking power in the situation.
  • Journaling helps you think through everything

Take power. Be safe. And help others.

Comment below one thing you can do to take power right now?

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