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15+ Recession Proof Business Ideas During Coronavirus

With limitations… Comes CREATIVITY. 

Today I’m brainstorming different business opportunities to help your creative juices. 

Here are 20+ business ideas and opportunities during coronavirus. 

#1 Board Games.  

  • Trekking The World did almost $100k in revenue in a week. Everyone is stuck at home. Great time to create activities for your friends and the world.

#2 Help make products portable. 

  • Portable cocktails. Hit up your favorite local stores on Instagram, email or phone and help them package their products. 
  • Pre-packaged meals + smoothies (like local Daily Harvest). 

#3 Sell your existing customers something brand new.

  • Shoe company offering mediation classes. If you have existing customers, email them other relevant offerings.
  • Photo booth company pivoting into selling gift boxes benefitting local businesses  Keep Your City Smiling

#4 Offer canceled customers an insane deal. 

  • 50% off for life. We’ve done this and seen great results. It costs you almost nothing and has some upside plus goodwill for previous customers.

#5 Teach English remotely if you’re in another country. 

  • Teach on, preply or I’ve taken classes at these places. Great way to find students looking for teachers.
  • Offer services on The KEY thing again here is look for places or ways to put yourself in places that customers are looking.

#6 Be creative with your AirBnB or real estate:

  • You can turn your AirBnB into a Short-term office. I’m renting a house at 50% off for 2 weeks to use as an office.
  • Offer up your space for a photo shoot or a distribution for an eCommerce company

#7 CTO for hire – software setup help for businesses going digital.

  • Zoom, Miro, Slack, GumRoad, Tandem & more. There’s SO many new tech. Teach people all these new things. Even better yet you can set it up for them. 
  • A great site to find best software deals. Many people are making full-time living being affiliates for AppSumo or as an agency reselling the software to their clients.

#8 Share your expertise

  • There are MANY sites begging for your knowledge. Skillshare, TeachableUdemy
  • The problem is you still have to find customers so just focus on helping 1 person at a time get results.
  • My recommendation would be to share 1 video a week on YouTube and start a weekly newsletter on

#9 Home speakeasy bars.

  • Potentially illegal but a cool idea 🙂

#10 Teach speakers and trainers how to host online events.

  • So many speakers and trainers have no idea how to put their content online OR even sell their material online. This = opportunity. Help them create speaker pages, figure out scheduling and more.

#11 Rent gym equipment.

  • One gym owner is giving their best clients gym equipment to take home and then do virtual training sessions.
  • This is a great business and I started a business this live, watch it here.

#12 WFH or Remote review websites

  • More and more people are WFH / working remote so create sites reviewing tech for online streams, home office setups, the software tools, the foods to cook for WFH people like Noah and so much more.

#13 Cost Cutter Consultant. Sad but true.

  • I LOVE this idea as there’s SO many people you can help. Everyone has bills. Review your friends entire credit card bill and offer to reduce all the expenses you agree on for 5% of whatever you help them save. Both of you win. I think this idea has huge potential.

#14 Date night boxes. 

  • Everyone is stuck at home and MANY couples need food, drinks, activities to do together. Call up your friends and offer this.

#15 Make DIY kits for kids.

  • Cranky Als Donut shop. I love what these guys are doing and think it’ll inspire many more companies. Instead of delivering your product, give people the ingredients to do it themselves. 

#16 Bonus business ideas

  • This is a few extra ideas to get you stimulated. Sell charcoal soap, sell all your friends extra crap, help eBay business do their packaging, rent out your stuff to your local neighbors and Super Instacart where you find people whatever they want at a high price…..

If you have any other great ideas or seen them please leave a comment. Rooting for you out there.

Ps. If you want help getting a business started, re-opened my course for $7 (no up-sells or BS) to get you going:

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7 responses to “15+ Recession Proof Business Ideas During Coronavirus”

engvarta app
September 8, 2020 at 6:05 am

The information is extremely good and very helpful for me and keep sharing your blogs.

Lerato Makhetha
May 13, 2020 at 3:45 am

Love the idea on cocktail packaging

Nasser Ahmed
April 14, 2020 at 3:08 pm


March 26, 2020 at 9:17 am

One thing I would LOVE to see from my favorite restaurants and bars is online classes teaching one of their signature dishes or cocktails.

April 28, 2020 at 7:35 am

Yeah I would love that too

Shantikumar khoi
May 1, 2020 at 4:15 pm

I want to learn more but thank you for your short & very informative idea.

Cesar Rodriguez
March 24, 2020 at 8:22 pm

I have an idea for making a game is like jenga but the blocks are much bigger and inside them they have Jell-O shots I can make these blocks in a cnc machine greetings from Houston

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