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Revealing My ENTIRE $2 Million Crypto Portfolio

So the other day, my friend Kenny texted me, Yo man, what’s going on with this crypto NFT stuff? What are you doing with it?? So I figured why not make a post about it and show you my exact crypto portfolio and why I bought these things!

I know people are curious about crypto and have a lot of questions, so this might answer some of those. Or maybe it’s just interesting to see what people like me buy and why.

Let’s dive in.

Note: This is not financial advice. Always do your own due diligence.

Revealing my ENTIRE $2 Million Crypto Portfolio

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So before I show you my actual crypto portfolio, let me warn you that I suck at investing and you may lose money doing any of this stuff.

Crypto is very volatile — but I also find it very fun at the same time!

A few other things I gotta share before we dive in:

  • #1: I personally allocate 25% of my net worth to risky things. I invested in a church that went out of business, a bar that closed down, and a few other things that didn’t work out. And if these things go away, then I’m okay with that. I think you need to decide what is your allocation is before you invest in things and only invest what you can afford to lose.
  • #2: Most of my decisions from these crypto purchases are from people who are worth over $100 million in crypto or they work at really famous companies in the crypto space. A lot of times I text them or they text me what they’re doing and I just do it — pretty much blindly! Is that a great way to do it? No, probably not. But it’s working out for me right now — but it may not always.
  • #3: There are WAY more technical, nerdier, smarter, or wealthier people that understand the technology of this stuff. You’re not gonna get that in this post. I’m just going to show you the numbers and the amounts and the high-level reasons why I purchase this stuff. It’s just my take on things.
  • #4: And lastly, this whole crypto era really reminds me of the 2000s DotCom bubble where so many people were getting rich and there was so much money getting thrown around. But what’s amazing about it is that when the DotCom bubble crashed and a lot of companies went out of business, there were also amazing companies like Amazon and Netflix that came out of it. I think that’s totally going to be the same with all this crypto stuff. There’s probably tens of thousands of different coins and technologies — and now NFTs! — that are coming out and I think the technology will stay and later on, there will be a few winners.

All right, let me just show you my crypto portfolio.

My Crypto Portfolio Allocation

So at a high level, I have about $2 million dollars in all this crypto stuff.

  • 80% is in Bitcoin
  • 10% is Ethereum
  • 10% is in the 10x bangers (which are a lot of up and coming coins)

If anyone’s just getting started, I would just grab a little Bitcoin and a little Ethereum and then maybe one of the 10 bangers to get going. Personally, I think Bitcoin will be kind of like the internet’s version of gold. And recently I also got really excited about Ethereum because it’s a way you can transact by removing Visa and Mastercard which is going to be amazing. Plus there’s a lot of digital marketplaces being built on Ethereum — people may not even realize they’re using Ethereum to make purchases.

So for me, I have about $1.5 million in Bitcoin and I have a few hundred thousand in Ethereum.


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My Crypto Portfolio Game Coins

Let’s get into the newer coins though because I think that’s what people are really fascinated by.

At a high level, with all these different coins what I’d recommend is to pick your asset allocation for how much you want to spend and dollar cost average it.

That’s my strategy.

I spend somewhere between $5000 and $15,000 dollars a month just automatically buying the same coins that I like.

So the 10 bangers — these are coins that are (hopefully) gonna 10x… Or, they’re gonna go right down to zero. All the alt coins I have came out years ago during an ICO phase (which is Initial Coin Offering — it’s kind of like a public offering) and I honestly thought every single one sounded like a scam. I originally didn’t want to buy any of them. But they’ve matured a lot.

Some are actually really useful and exciting.

There’s 2 major coins I bought that you can use across any platform, which I find really interesting:

  • Enjin (ENJ): I have about $2000 dollars in ENJ
  • Decentraland (MANA): That’s is more specific game, but they have the MANA coin

Again, with these 10x bangers, just remember that these all might go to zero. Or, they’re gonna shoot through the roof (like ENJ 3xing in the past few weeks).

It’s pretty crazy.

So I’m definitely interested in the game coin space. I’m not a gamer, but I like the idea that now I can have tokens or coins I can use across any game online.

My Crypto Portfolio Usable Coins

Next up is usable coins.


So first up is Helium (HNT).

I heard about Helium from my buddy Sam Feldman AKA The Crypto Kid. He texted me, Yo, if you do one thing today don’t breathe oxygen, just go buy Helium.

And I just do what he tells me.

He told me about 6 months ago to buy more Ethereum and at the time I was in a meeting, and I just bought $10,000 dollars worth. And now I don’t know how much it’s up, but it’s up a lot.

So what’s interesting about Helium is that it’s for wi-fi access.

You can put up wi-fi spots in your house and then it creates a wi-fi network across the world and then you use these tokens to get the wi-fi access — or you get the tokens if you share wi-fi from the Helium hub.

If that wi-fi becomes universal, it’s going to be a really powerful thing.


Next up is VeChain (VET).

One of my good buddies JPEG Lord told me about this one.

So I don’t quite clearly understand what this one does — but it’s for supply chain management. Companies like BMW, Walmart, and a lot of major chains are using VET to actually improve their supply chain operations.

I have a huge holding in this, around $15,000 dollars and growing.

The other thing that’s pretty interesting is the guy from Louis Vuitton, one of their VPs in engineering or something, is the guy behind it — so definitely someone with clout.

I get really excited about these usable coins because I can actually see their use case in the real world. It’s a little bit more tangible than some of the other stuff in my crypto portfolio.

My Crypto Portfolio Alt Coins

So you’ve heard of Bitcoin, maybe you’ve heard of Ethereum — but there’s actually people competing with them too.

I didn’t even really know a lot about this, but one of my friends who works at one of the larger crypto companies was like, Yo you’ve got to buy these. They’re going to blow up. Because if Ethereum has mistakes or they aren’t able to scale (which they’re having problems with at the moment) people are going to start looking for and building alternatives.

So the three that I’ve got are:

So I put about $5000 dollars each into each of these alt coins and they’re growing.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

There’s a couple things that decentralized exchanges solve which I think is really fascinating:

  • If you want to get a loan right now, you have to go to the bank and kiss their ass. And when they finally give you a loan, there’s a bunch of fees. These coins are trying to remove bankers and decentralize finance
  • Another thing is if I have a dollar in the US and you have a Euro, how do we exchange it? Do I just give you it? No. Because they have different values. So these decentralized exchanges are actually able to transfer money between different coins

The top decentralized exchanges are:

  • Uniswap: I have about $8000 in Uniswap
  • Sushi: I have $10,000 in Sushi
  • Bancor: I have almost $10,000 in BNT

The exchanges provide liquidity between the different tokens by getting their token.

My Crypto Portfolio DeFi Coins

And there’s also DeFi coins, which I have:

  • Compound: I have about $5000 in COMP
  • Aave: I have about $5000 in AVE

A lot of these things might seem stupid or silly — but a lot of the greatest innovations in the world sounded like that in the beginning.


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My Crypto Portfolio Other Coins

So I’m not entirely sure what these next coins are — it’s in the DeFi space, but a guy who works in the industry just told me to buy them so I did. But I don’t fully understand what they’re gonna do.

So this is what I have:

Again, I don’t really know what they do but I just trusted a smart guy and sometimes it works out. And another reminder that this is play money for me.

I know the numbers might seem high to you or maybe it seems really low but it’s fun and I’m really enjoying it.


This is kind of its own thing. I’m not exactly sure what the hell Chainlink is but it’s backed by Oracle. We all know that Oracle’s a giant-ass Fortune 100 company so I’m a fan of that.

It’s a decentralized network that provides smart contracts. It sounds just like Ethereum.

I haven’t put a ton in it, but it’s really popular. It’s like one of the top coins out there today so I wanted to be a part of that.

Ethereum Help

So there’s a thing called Polygon (now it’s called Matic) and it was built to help scale Ethereum. There’s a lot of issues with Ethereum because it wasn’t built to have this much volume, so there’s things like Polygon Matic that help it scale.

So I picked up a little bit of that — about $1,300 dollars.


I have about $300,000 dollars in BlockFi.

This almost seems too good to be true — which maybe some of it is, maybe some of it isn’t.

But what BlockFi does is you can put deposits in and then they loan out your money. So right now for example, if you go to your bank and you give them $100 dollars, they go and loan that out to someone for a mortgage or for a small business loan. And that’s the same thing these dudes are doing with crypto.

So right now, they’re paying an 8% interest rate which seems a little too good to be true. But it has been getting paid out! So it’s been pretty damn good interest.

My Crypto Portfolio NFTs

With my crypto portfolio, I also have some crypto in NFTs.

So instead of having the tokens, you buy digital assets — or as I call it, digital dumb-asses.

So I bought MoonCats which are digital cats and supposedly one of the earliest NFTs to have been created. So I bought 4 of them for about 1 Ethereum each… So I spent about $10,000 dollars on 4 digital cats.

CryptoPunks are also really big right now, so is the NBA Top Shot stuff. I think a lot of it is gonna go down, but it’s been fun to experiment with it.

Do I think it’s gonna make a lot of money?

That’s not really my plan.

It’s more just a fun game to own these cats and talk about them. I even ended up giving one away on Twitter which got almost 3,000 retweets.

One of the interesting things about crypto is that you can actually see everyone’s money.

So if you know my account, you can see how much I paid for it and you can see how much I sell it for. You don’t really get that transparency in a lot of markets.


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How to Get Your Own Crypto Portfolio Started

So how do I think other people should get started investing in crypto?

That’s a really difficult question.

What I would do is take a small amount of money each month and buy a little bit of Bitcoin and a little bit of Ethereum — that’s it.

If you want to experiment with this, I would suggest probably buying about:

  • 70-80% Bitcoin
  • 10-20% Ethereum
  • And then 5-10% in NFTs or newer coins

So for me, I really like VeChain because you can use it for supply chain management, or Helium because it’s actually a wi-fi network. But beyond that, I think a lot of the stuff that people are talking about now is just one person trying to get other people to buy it so that their prices go up.

Same thing with NFTs.

But I don’t know if that’s necessarily the right approach.

So if you’ve never heard about any of this stuff, here’s where to start:

  • Coinbase: This is the #1 platform where you can buy the popular coins, but it doesn’t have a lot of the newer coins.
  • Coinbase Pro: If you’re doing transactions use Coinbase Pro because you actually get cheaper transaction fees.

One thing that I do with Coinbase is every week I buy $500 worth of Bitcoin and $500 of Ethereum.


Because I don’t want to think about it. And even if there’s some fees, it’s just easier.

So if Bitcoin goes up, I’m buying. And if Bitcoin goes down, I’m buying.

I’ve done that since 2016 and I’m probably going to leave it on until 2600.

I just find that easier because I do believe in this and I think there’s a lot of interesting use cases but I just don’t want to think about it too often.

Dollar cost averaging in any type investment is great because you’re not trying to time the market. I buy things that I’m never going to sell. I think about the Warren Buffett approach which is the 10-year idea — so what would you buy right now, go on an island for 10 years, come back, and you’d be happy with your decision?

So for me, I suggest dollar cost averaging this stuff because I don’t know if it’s going to be up or down by the time you see this post — and personally, I don’t really care because I think for the long term it’s going to do well. At least Bitcoin and Ethereum probably will.

So I just put a little bit of money in each week, set it on autopilot, and forget it. And you can do that in Coinbase and other services too if you think it’s right for you.


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