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The Founder of my Favorite Taco Restaurant in the World

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In today’s episode, I talk to Roberto Espinosa – the co-founder of Tacodeli. Roberto Espinosa opened the first Tacodeli location in Austin, TX in 1999, and has spent the last 21 years building the most amazing taco restaurant in the world.

I’ve spent years trying to get him on the show… and this episode DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Whether you want to run a restaurant or any company you’ll love his slow and steady philosophy.

You’ll enjoy 3 BIG things from this conversation:

  1. How he runs his business (it took him 1 year to release a scallop taco)
  2. Why Tacodeli didn’t hyper-scale like some other competitors
  3. You’ll learn about his business and life philosophy

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One response to “The Founder of my Favorite Taco Restaurant in the World”

February 25, 2021 at 6:20 pm

And he’s so handsome! We had SO many scallop date night dinners when we first started dating. Scallops were the way to my heart! I haven’t listened yet but I can attest to his slow and steady philosophy, as we dated 6 years before marrying. Thanks so much for reminding me of amazing memories.

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