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Staying Positive — 12 Great Things Because of Coronavirus

No way around it, times are tough right now. 

People are losing jobs, businesses cutting costs, some going under. 

BUT.. There’s also a TON to be grateful for during challenging times. 

I shared a doc with some coworkers and we quickly came up with this list of 12 GREAT things to appreciate right now. 

  1. Hangouts. People Facetime and talk to their friends and parents vs just texting.
  2. Creativity. From virtual happy hours to Zoom workouts.
  3. Cooking. Learning how to cook and cooking more at home.
  4. Shorter commute. More time back in each day.
  5. Worrying less about buying new stuff. Satisfaction with what you have.
  6. United together. The whole world has come together. Polluting less. Caring more.
  7. All Natural. No shaving and/or makeup or hair products.
  8. Hobbies/skills. Pick up old (or new) hobbies like drawing or a musical instrument.
  9. Minimizing. Reducing unnecessary stuff (subscriptions, physical belongings, etc.).
  10. Learning. So many people are now taking online courses.
  11. Abundance. There’s SO much more food and things than you really need. Appreciate all the choices we had at the stores.
  12. Appreciation…Now when we go to the stores, we’ll appreciate the selections that make our lives amazing. 


What else should we be grateful for? Comment below.

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