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Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

This was a good book, not great. Definitely nuggets in here that I’ll share below.

My main interest in Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks was how to craft stories to make my YouTube videos strong.

It’s well written and enjoyable to read but more focused on public speaking.

How to find great stories to tell

Homework for life — Write at least one thing down a day thats a unique story that happened.

Make it your mission to find, see, remember, and identify stories, and you will begin to see your life in a new and more compelling light.

All great stories — tell the story of a five-second moment in a person’s life. Moments when something fundamentally changes forever.

How to tell great stories:

  • Open with forward movement creates instant momentum in a story. Audience feels that we’re already on our way.
  • Begin your story at the opposite of your five second moment.
  • Have something at stake, that creates wonder.
  • Your story must reflect change over time. You must start out as one version of yourself and end as something new. No one wants to hear about your vacation. A drinking story when you are over the age of forty is sad, pathetic.

Don’t memorize your story.

  1. Start strong with first few sentences
  2. End strong with last few sentences
  3. Remember the key scenes of your story. Try not to have more than 7.

Ultimately – It is the SPEAKER’s JOB to be entertaining. Not the audiences.

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