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The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Cooper

There’s a ton of dating or male improvement books out there. Not many speak as candidly and fresh as The Unplugged Alpha. You’re either gonna love or hate this book. There’s no in between and Richard wants it that way.

The Unplugged Alpha Book Review


There were many amazing insights to take from it:

Never forget: Women break rules for alphas and make them for betas.

Warning signs with women:

  • Always avoid the unhappy and unlucky.
  • Women who use public social media to gain attention from men should be avoided.
  • If she is with you, but is still posting pictures for attention, then she is asking herself if you are the best that she can get.
  • It’s absolutely vital that you only invest your limited time in women whose actions show you they are serious.

How to online date effectively:

  1. Your first message to her should be something playful like: “You look like you could be trouble.”
  2. “I’m busy today, and I’m not on here often, but what’s your number? Let’s set up a date to meet this week.”
  3. Tell her you are busy, and only on there to date in real life. You’re not there to accumulate pen pals.

Creating the best version of your male self_

  • You are the prize, so act like it.
  • Remember, women are the gatekeepers to sex, while men are the gatekeepers to relationships.
  • Chasing excellence, finding purpose, making bank, and self-care are priority #1
  • To truly manage your fucks, you must first master self-control.
  • High value men who are maxed out on their looks, money, status, and Game are scarce.

”The woman you marry is not the same woman you divorce.”

Fun Fact: Statistics also show that more expensive weddings have a higher probability of divorce.

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