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Tim Kennedy — The Perfect Man


Tim Kennedy is NOT HUMAN. 

A former Green Beret, Special Forces, Sniper and top 5 UFC middleweight fighter…

The list goes on — he’s a baaad mutha. 

If that’s not enough, he ALSO is an established entrepreneur who’s created multiple companies. He constantly is learning and maximizing. 

It’s honestly super inspiring. 

He founded and runs Sheepdog Response which is a live self-defense course with world-class instruction.  

I took the class last year and it changed my life (see my full experience here). 

I am so pumped he came on the show so I can share his story with everyone.

In this conversation, you’ll enjoy: 

  1. How to build discipline in your life. 
  2. Life lessons from the military (After Action Reviews — sustain or improve)
  3. Why Tim is always learning (ex: he’s learning to fly helicopters right now).

Enjoy these and TONS of other ear nuggets along the way.




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