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Tony Robbins Net Worth & How He Makes Money from His Businesses

Tony Robbins’ net worth is $600 million dollars. He’s involved in over 100 businesses with a combined sales of $7 billion dollars per year. It’s not clear exactly how much he earns per year, but what is clear is that he knows how to build an empire.

You might know that Tony Robbins sells books and hosts seminars—but what other businesses does he make money from?

We’re going to dive into that and a whole lot more in this post.

Let’s get into it.


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How Tony Robbins Got Started

How did a guy like Tony Robbins generate a net worth of $600 million dollars?

You might be thinking that he was born into a wealthy family. Maybe he earned it all from investments. Maybe he got lucky.

And maybe he did get lucky along the way. But he sure didn’t come from a wealthy family.

In fact, he came from a working-class background and left home at 17. To support himself, he became a janitor and earned $40 a week.

Damn. $40 a week?!

He worked at a moving company on weekends too.

The guy’s no stranger to hard work.

When he was working for that moving company, he ran into a family friend and noticed he had made a better life for himself. The friend said he started going to Jim Rohn seminars and Tony should come too.

So Tony took a BIG risk for himself at the time, and spent $35 on a ticket to one of Jim’s seminars.

(You gotta remember—that was almost a week’s worth of pay for him at that point!)

And apparently, that seminar changed his life.

He was 17 when that happened.

And by 26, he became a millionaire.

How Tony Robbins Made His First Million

Tony Robbins net worth was built by infomercials at first.

In the ‘80s, after learning how to motivational speak from Jim Rohn while he worked as his assistant, he created self-help books and seminars which he promoted through infomercials on TV.

And that made him a millionaire!

He was interviewed about it later in his career and said that one year he made $40,000 and the next year he made over $1 million. And he hasn’t made less than a million since.

By the ‘90s, his company was making over $50 million in revenue.

By the early 2000s, he was earning more than $30 million in profits.

Where Tony Robbins Net Worth Comes From: His Businesses

So what does his business empire look like? How is he making all his money today?

Like I said, he’s involved in over 100 businesses—so we aren’t going to cover them all here. But we’re going to cover the main revenue streams that he’s likely earning a large portion of his net worth from.

Let’s dive in.

Tony Robbins Revenue Stream #1: His Books

Writing and selling motivational books is Tony’s roots. It’s how most people know of him, and it’s how he earned his first million.

He’s written a lot of them—7 of them have become international bestsellers—and he’s sold over 15 million copies.

Damn that’s impressive!

So even though many authors don’t make a ton of money for their books, at Tony’s level, it probably brings in a big chunk of bookoo bucks.

Tony Robbins Revenue Stream #2: His Seminars & Courses

Like his books, Tony is also well known for his seminars and courses.

His most popular one, “Unleash the Power Within” has apparently earned him over $10 million dollars—and that’s just one of the many events he runs.

It’s no secret that I attended a Tony Robbins event once…

And I walked out on it.

No hate to the guy, it just wasn’t my thing. He obviously helps a lot of people and his seminars work for some people. It just didn’t work for me.

I wrote all about my experience and go into more detail about why it wasn’t my vibe in this post.

Tony Robbins Revenue Stream #3: Motivational Speaking

Along the same lines as his seminars, he also can be booked for private motivational speaking gigs.

He reportedly charges $300,000 – $1 million per gig.

Dang! More bookoo bucks!

Something we can learn from Tony here is charging what you’re worth.

How many people do you think charge a $1 million dollar day rate? Let alone $1 million dollars for a couple hours of speaking.

Probably not many people.

But not many people are Tony Robbins. And that’s what Tony’s charging for here.

He runs a lot of businesses and could be making money by running his own courses or seminars—so if someone else wants his time, he charges appropriately for it.

If you have a hard time charging what you’re worth, check out this post here.

Tony Robbins Revenue Stream #4: Executive Coaching

Since Tony is so well known in the business and finance industries, he also offers private coaching services for leaders and celebrities.

He has a long list of clients from all walks of life, including artists like Usher and Pitbull, to athletes like Serena Williams and Conor McGregor, plus politicians like Bill Clinton and moguls like Oprah and Ray Dalio.

His fees for coaching range from around $5000 – $7000 for 6 months of sessions, or $10,000 – $15,000 for 12 months of sessions.

Tony Robbins Revenue Stream #5: His Netflix Show

Tony has also appeared in some movies and TV shows which likely contribute to his overall net worth, but he also has his own Netflix documentary which has brought in not only revenue for him, but a lot of exposure.

His documentary was released on Netflix in 2015, so it could be true that he didn’t need any more exposure by then. He was already a big success and had been actively making a ton of money from his business empire long before that.

But exposure on new platforms brings in new clients, customers, and revenue.

That’s something we can all learn from Tony.

Tony Robbins Revenue Stream #6: Life Coaching Courses

Tony also runs a life coaching certificate program that helps people build skills to become speakers and coaches like Tony.

He learned his motivational speaking skills from Jim Rohn, so just like Tony’s skills were passed onto him from his mentor, Tony has become a mentor for others.

Giving back is a big part of Tony’s life, and it’s woven into the businesses he runs which is admirable to see from an entrepreneur who operates at the level that he does.

Tony Robbins Revenue Stream #7: Fiji Island Resort

And finally, one of the businesses that contributes to Tony Robbins net worth is his Fiji resort.

He purchased the property many years ago for $15 million dollars and today it’s worth around $52 million!

Not a bad return on investment.

Tony Robbins Net Worth: Key Takeaways

It’s clear that Tony Robbins didn’t accumulate his net worth overnight.

He hustled for a decade making infomercials to earn his first million, and then he diversified his products and built a name for himself on other platforms to stay relevant.

He’s been hustling since the ‘80s, so it’s no surprise that he’s been able to build such a successful empire and impressive net worth for himself today.

My main takeaways from Tony:

  • Where you start doesn’t have to be where you end up. Tony had a rough upbringing, but he didn’t let that stop him from succeeding. He used that drive to create a better life for himself.
  • Your only limits are the ones you choose to believe. Tony only has a high school education. He didn’t let not having a university degree hold him back. And looks at him now—he coaches some of the most successful and impactful people in the world.
  • Learn from mentors and become a mentor. Tony learned the skills that made him a multi-millionaire while he worked as an assistant for Jim Rohn. Now, Tony passes his knowledge on to others through his coaching and courses. Always give back to others.

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Struggled with anxiety, shyness, low confidence for a while, wha can i do to boost my confidence and overall self esteem

October 24, 2022 at 7:37 pm

Noah, you didn’t know if it would have worked for you, because you walked out on it.

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