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Best Zoom Tips — How to Run a Non-Sucky Live Webinar



Today I am sharing my top 10 tips to run a non-sucky webinar / Zoom presentation. 

#1 Open Strong. Have some funny unique openings. Everyone says oh where are you from. BORING. Recently I’ve used: What is your mood 1-5 (5 being the best day ever). Tell me why you love X product. 

#2 Swag. Have swag to incentivize the audience to engage / chat. I love giving out shirts….Leave a comment on this video and 1 person I’ll send a shirt too 🙂 See what I did there.

#3 The Lion King Effect. Pick someone to do something live and then show the results at the end of the webinar.

#4 Benefit Immediate Group (BIG). Google spreadsheet or shared doc for everyone to work off of and have afterward. Include relevant links for biz. Neville does it with copywriting, I’ve been doing it with spreadsheets. Here’s an Example.

#5 Tweetable. Make something so people will share on Instagram, Twitter or some public place live about the event that they are in. Create a hashtag, give them the picture and tell them what to do. 

#6 Give Something Useful. Have a gift card or discount code or something beneficial to the audience and your business. Include an expiration date on it. I’ve given out AppSumo $10 credits to new customers.

#7 Connect People. Help connect people with other attendees. If you are the hub offline or online you always become more valuable.

#8 People’s Favorite Topic Is… Themselves. Ask people to post their URLs or share their challenges…Call out their names. Say you love someone’s name, assuming you do. 

#9 Slides Help You. They make you seem more professional but duller. Best to do things live, have some slides so people can copy. DON’T read slides. 

#10 Call To Action. Give them CTA at the end for the next event. So for this video or podcast. Please send it to 1 person and subscribe.



  1. Open Strong 
  2. Swag
  3. The Lion King Effect 
  4. Benefit Immediate Group (BIG) 
  5. Tweetable 
  6. Give Something Useful 
  7. Connect people 
  8. People’s Favorite Topic Is… Themselves 
  9. Slides Help You 
  10. Call To Action

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2 responses to “Best Zoom Tips — How to Run a Non-Sucky Live Webinar”

Simon Happy Ice
April 16, 2020 at 5:05 am

Nice to see how you use yesterday’s learnings into actionable insights for your readers. Even though it took longer than planned, I really liked the session yesterday.

Niels Vandecasteele
April 8, 2020 at 12:40 am

Hi Noah, love the swag tip! As a merchandise company I’ll certainly implement that one ?

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